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United Kingdom is known for its impressive history and we shouldn’t miss out on any of the attractions in the country. The country is blessed with beautiful green landscape and it’s certainly a sight to behold. The first place that we will visit should be London, because it is more likely that you will arrive to the country through the airport. It will take more than a day to completely explore the historic city. Places that you should visit include St. Paul Cathedral, Westminster Abbey and Westminster Palace. Other places that you can visit in London include shopping centers, parks and restaurants. It is clear that London isn’t a city that you should bypass. Stonehenge is also another place that you need to visit and it is certainly a mysterious historical site. It is believed that Stonehenge was constructed more than 5000 years ago. You can find an arrangement of large stones and they are made to fit perfectly together. Bath is known for its hot springs, which were used by Roman conquerors about 2000 years ago.

You may also visit the exotic Scottish Highlands and it is the place where we can commune with nature. It is highly advisable for you to spend a number of days in the area. The raging rivers of Scotland should provide you with plenty of opportunity for kayaking. The long winding paths through the Scottish hills should also be an interesting thing to do. We could learn about the great epics of Scottish warriors in the past. There are castles and fortress of the warlords in the area. The Eilean Donan castle is especially interesting and also the filming site of the popular movie, Highlander.

You should also visit Canterbury, which is known for its historic churches and cathedral. The Canterbury Cathedral is considered as the grandest in the entire England and you should also find the Church of St. Martin, which is the oldest church in the country. Oxford is another place to visit and it is the home of the esteemed university. Near Oxford, you can go to Costwolds, which provides one of the best displays of the rolling hill of English landscape. For an added effect, the quaint brick houses that litter the place definitely adds an impressive aura to the surrounding. It is recommended to enjoy the area through horseback riding.

Wales is the part of United Kingdom, known for its romanticism and fantasy. If you love this kind of things, you won’t miss it when visiting Wales. There are different castles in Wales, at different types, shapes and sizes. You may go to Caernarfon Castle, Beaumaris Castle and others. These old structures look exactly what you see in fairy tales depictions, with draw bridges, parapets and towers. It is certainly a magical experience being able to enjoy the historical sites in Wales. Winchester is an old town in England known for its impressive historical values. The old buildings in Winchester are well preserved and you can find a cathedral as well.

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