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A good night’s sleep,


A night filled with theories swirling around.

Just a pillow to cry out on


A night around books and notes.

All that and one room: Your Bedroom.

And when you have the one room in your house that belongs truly only to you, you want it to depict everything that you are. Some might choose to do it through the mess they create in their room (artistic, I know!), while some will keep it squeaky clean (how do they even manage?).

But we are not judging. We say, do as you will.

Bedroom and You

And while you do as you will, we would love to bring to light how much of your everyday activities revolve around your bedroom.

A prevalent narrative in the world today is the bedroom is becoming more critical. So, activities that you previously did in the other rooms have now shifted to your bedroom (hmph!). And to keep you from thinking about what that could actually mean, we’ll show you what it means.

Stats of bedroom

Statistics say that today, you spend your time watching content in your bedrooms. This activity was previously restricted to your living room, where you would turn on the TV and disturb your beautiful dog sleeping on the couch.

Now, moving everything to your bedroom may sound peculiar.

But what if we told you that you were designed to be in your bedroom by default?

(Ah! I see the confused nod.)

We simply meant that out of an average life span of 78 years, you spend about one-third of it on your bed! And where would your bed be, if not in the bedroom?

Reclaiming Your Bedroom

However, you’re not the only one that wants something from your room. The relationship is mutual and every now and then, and your bedroom needs to be on the receiving end.

Every now and then, your bedroom must be a part of your home improvement plan.

And we do not say this lightly. After all, the home improvement industry accounted for sales of $349 billion in 2017, which are expected to go up to $465 billion by 2022.

So, why not get your bedroom the makeover it deserves?

So, here are some tips to reclaim your bedroom with some home improvement:

1.      Let the Magic Touch of Nature Nurture

You have probably been out there in the wild planting some trees because clearly, the earth needs it. But have you ever thought about bringing some nature into your home and into your bedroom?

Well, the idea is clearly worth a shot! Plants give your room an aesthetic that is unparalleled as compared to any other tip to beautify.

But it is not just about the aesthetics when it comes to bringing some nature into your room. It is also about the benefits it brings you.

From productivity to accuracy to creativity to memory retention, plants in your room will bring you several benefits. But remember to put in some work when choosing the plants to add to your room.

2.      Shelve the Clutter with Shelves

One of the most common questions or objections to beautifying your room is: “where does all this stuff go?”

While infuriating, nobody can deny that the question holds substantial truth. So, really, where does all the stuff go?

The answer is rather simple. You utilize the space that Spiderman utilizes to fight his villains.



Use your walls to store everything down there. Add shelves on the walls and not just organize but show off all your creative mess.

Add your favorite childhood toy up there, stack your books, keep your backpack up there, and even your laundry basket. Once you know the power of shelves, we know that you can’t go back!

3.      The Furniture Size

Furniture, especially when it’s your kid’s bedroom furniture, selection is tiresome.

However, there are two types of advices that can help:

  1. Have as much storage as possible.
  2. Choose to have a spacious room.

The contradiction is right there!

How do you maximize your storage and still have a spacious room?

Here is how: you choose furniture that is the appropriate size.

But how do you know what furniture is the right size for your room? Simple, have a floor plan in place. With a floor plan, remember to keep at least 3 feet of distance between the bed and the large furniture and 2 feet between bed and the small furniture.

With that in mind and an accurate assessment of how much space you want, try getting furniture that has storage options.

For instance, buy a bed with drawers under it. Get yourself side tables with plenty of rooms and cupboards that are sleek, yet effectively fit in everything you want to fit in.

If you plan on getting couches, figure out a way to add storage to those too. You’ll need every ounce of it.

And hey, who said you couldn’t add some decor to the furniture. Not only is decorating your own or kid’s furniture great fun, but it also brings out your creative side. So, get a set experiment.

4.      Put Your Life in Pictures

Do you know what every bedroom needs? Especially your kids’ room?


Every room needs its dose of inspiration if you are to stay productive and functioning. And where does inspiration come from, if not your family?

Add as many pictures of your loved ones up there as you can and let them be your guardian angels. But inspiration is not just about family, and it is also about your role models.

So, add Mohammad Ali or Malcolm X or Jennifer Aniston or Adele up there and wake up to make a difference every day.

A rather standard mode of adding pictures to your room is making an entire gallery wall. You decorate one entire wall with all pictures – both big and small – to make sure that it has life.

5.      Curtains and Linen for All Occasions

But your bedroom is not all about its color and the furniture inside. It is equal parts made up of what you have inside.

And for the most part, a bedroom is all about your bed. And adding beauty to your bed is all about adding some beautiful linens on it. And you can be as creative as you like. Add that Silvestre Stallone bedsheet or add a Bugs Bunny. It’s all about you.

But the finishing touch that that bedsheet has in the room depends very much on the light that sheds on it. So, don’t forget to invest in some great curtains that add flair to your bedroom.

And hey, just like creative bed sheets, you can go for as creative curtains as you want. But remember to buy curtains that are thick enough to keep the sunlight from getting into your eyes on a Sunday morning when you stay in bed for longer.

Final Word

Every bedroom needs a makeover every now and then. Just the fact that you keep your eye out for the right time means that you are taking care of your bedroom as it takes care of you.


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