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Each and every one of us should strive to be a happy and healthy individual. Of course, with so many things going on and life being chaos for most of us, this seems like an unrealistic goal. Chasing after something like that and continually failing to reach it can make you even more stressed and frustrated, meaning that you’ll be even further away from your goal instead of closer.

To move in the right direction, you need to make one simple change in your life. Put yourself first. Self-care is the essence of being a happy, healthy, and functioning individual. There are many aspects of self-care, but all of them work towards bringing out the best within you.

1. Don’t neglect sleep

When you’ve got a lot to do, sleep seems to be the most irrelevant thing on your to-do list. So, naturally, you skip it or shorten it. What you don’t realize is that you’re sacrificing all future productivity and health that way. Without enough quality sleep, your body won’t be able to push boundaries much longer.

A healthy 8 hours is important so that your body can heal and prepare for the next day. As well as that, sleep helps your body process stress better. Let’s not forget that your immune system will also be improved, making you practically invincible.

If you can’t get a full night’s sleep all the time, make sure to nap. Though not the same as a proper sleep session, naps are a great rest and will mean a lot to your body. A regular sleeping schedule also greatly helps to get your health in order.

2. Embracing wellness rituals

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Contrary to what some people may think, wellness rituals are far from a marketing trick. They’re extremely useful for relaxation purposes and will leave your body rejuvenated and fresh. The best part is that you can practice wellness rituals at home.

One ritual you should definitely try out is taking care of your skin. You can do this by giving yourself a towel bath each morning. Simply soak a towel in hot water and dab your whole body with it from your feet up to your head.

Then, find the perfect homemade facemask that matches your skin. You’ll clean the excess of filth that’s accumulated on your face, reduce pimples, and tighten your face. Finally, find an organic hair mask to give your hair new shine. Now your skin will be rejuvenated from head to toe.

If you want to make it really radiant and healthy, you should also up your water intake. As well as helping your organs reach optimal functionality, staying hydrated will clear up your skin, make it tighter, as well as make it appear brighter. Water is the perfect foundation for the above-mentioned rituals to take root.

3. How you eat does make a difference

It’s pretty common knowledge that what we put in our body influences its health and optimal functions. What many people don’t realize is that the way you eat can also have a great influence. If you have certain goals for your body, you’re not going to achieve them without the practice of mindful eating. To clarify, mindful eating focuses on how and when we eat as well as what we eat in order to lower body fat and build muscle.

After all, you’ve only got one body, so it’s your job to take care of it. With mindful eating, you’ll also build a better relationship with your body and realize why it’s so important to take care of it. A functional body is key to a functional mind and an overall sense of satisfaction and confidence.

A muscle gain meal plan will be able to bring you to this serene state of mind and offer you a better tomorrow. By building muscle, you’re ensuring that your body burns more calories in 24 hours. The gist is that muscles at rest need more calories while fat cells don’t. So, by lowering body fat and having a more lean body mass, the more calories you burn through the day.

4. Have some time to yourself

The value of “me” time is in no way overrated. We are constantly surrounded by people, and no matter how big of a people person you are, we can all agree that spending time by yourself is priceless. For some people, this is such a rare opportunity that they’ve forgotten how to be alone. Being comfortable in your own company is the first step to reaching inner peace.

This is why you should start setting at least half an hour a day aside for just you. It can be the first half hour of the day, a break in the middle of your busy schedule, or a perfect end to a long day. In this half hour, you should do something entirely for yourself, with no one else around.

Some people use this time to watch an episode of their favourite show, others take a relaxing walk, while the rest enjoy a cup of coffee at a trendy coffee shop. If it’s been so long since you hung out with yourself, you can try experimenting with different activities. Think back to the hobby or activity you always wanted to try out, then do it. Or, take suggestions from other people.

Sooner or later you’ll find the perfect activity for you and discover the magic of spending your time alone. The truth is, no one is better company than a calm and confident adult who’s sure of who they are. There’s not one reason that can’t be you.


Self-care is something that needs to be practised day after day. It’s easy to get wrapped up in your daily routine and forget about yourself, but if you don’t take care of yourself and nurture the relationship you have with you, you’re not going to be able to keep up with the challenges of daily life much more. After all, a sense of calm and inner peace is key to surviving the concrete jungle and everything it throws at you.


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