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Owning an RV allows you to enjoy the countryside in a very comfortable manner. There is no need to pitch a tent when you have an RV to sleep in. America is full of beautiful landscapes and many people are buying an RV to go cross country in search of lovely sights. RV campers like to camp at the awesome national parks and search for campsites that lend serene views. They love to meet friendly people and are more social than others.

If you own an RV, equip it with a generator so you can enjoy vacation time better. Taking vacations to stay in a natural surrounding for a few days or a week will do your mind and body well. The favorite spots for RV campers include the Sacramento River in California. It is the largest river in the state and got famous in the early 18th century. Today it is a very breathtaking getaway for RV campers who can find free Wi-Fi and all sorts of amenities in the natural setting. Along the river, you can find several RV parks that offer a full hookup. Go trekking, discover the wooded trails and enjoy the lush vistas. After a day of discovery relax in your air-conditioned RV with a cup of warm coffee or chilled beer.

The new generators for RVs are specially designed to be quiet and will not disturb your neighbors. These compact devices are portable and can be easily transported back to the house if you want to use them as an emergency source of backup power.

Zion National Park in Utah is another spot that is a favorite with RV campers. This park is a bit less known but is very stunning. If you park near the southern entrance of the park you will be near Bryce Canyon National Park and the north rim of the Grand Canyon. Enjoy the views of the mountains or hike down to the Zion Canyon or discover the forest woods on foot. It is a good idea to take your dog along if you plan to go hiking on the trip.

In Central Alaska, Fairbanks serves as a big draw for RV campers. People come here from far to get a glimpse of Northern Lights. Fairbanks is a friendly destination and you can find many places that will allow you to park the RV. There are many hiking and biking trails in the area that will keep you busy throughout the vacation. Set up a security alarm system for the RV and keep it running while you are out on the jaunt. Why not visit the Riverboat Discovery cruise, the Pioneer Park, and the Trans-Alaska Pipeline.

Yellowstone National Park is another place that you may want to discover. Here you will find tall hills and vast fields. The remarkable forest is home to many animals and you will be impressed with the gorgeous geysers. RV campers find convenient access to the park.

Before you plan the RV trip it is good to buy a generator. If you already have one make sure you exercise it well. Lack of use is the main problem with these devices. If you have a gasoline unit that has not been used for long, clean the fuel tank out after use. In just a month, the fuel gets old and breaks down to gum up which causes starting problems.

Generators made specifically for RVs and very reliable and are durable enough to outlive the RV. Owners have to take good care of their units and give it the maintenance it requires. Both gas and diesel RV generators have to be exercised regularly. Use it often with a load so it can stay with you for longer. Preventive maintenance will give it a longer life.

Adding a fuel preservative to the fuel tank is a good habit while you store the unit. Moisture can build up and cause damage to the RV generator. When you exercise it every month you will heat the device to eliminate moisture. The carbon build-up is another issue with generators that are not often used. Keep the generator parts well lubricated and read the manual that comes with it for proper care. Check the owner’s manual for maintenance intervals.
Every month run the unit for two hours at a 50% load. This way the RV diesel generators will give you optimal performance while you are away from home. Enjoy heating and cooling while you are on vacation.

If you plan to buy a new RV diesel generator, make sure you are buying the right fit for your needs. Check for the various models online and choose one that both match the budget and the wattage need.

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