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Should You Get An IV On Demand?

Have you ever considered intravenous (IV) therapy? This process helps you receive fluids and vitamins directly through your veins. There’s no other method that delivers medications to your bloodstream more quickly. But you can use IV therapy for different reasons, too.

Here’s what to know before you try an IV.

Reasons to Get an IV

There are many reasons why people get IVs. They’re most popularly used for health issues. For example, you can have an IV when you visit a hospital for severe dehydration. These days, it’s become more common to obtain on-demand IV therapy at home.

This convenience allows you to address different concerns with ease. You don’t have to pay for anything more than your IV. That’s a helpful factor for people who don’t want to go to a hospital. You can get an IV at home to eliminate fatigue, stop hangovers, and more.

In fact, you can even use IV therapy to combat a cold or flu. There’s a reason why experts recommend that you consume water and soup when you have a cold. The extensive hydration you can receive from an IV will boost your defenses.

How Does On-Demand IV Therapy Work?

There are two ways to have IV therapy. 

The first way is to visit an IV lounge or bar. These are public locations that offer various types of services to customers. A medical professional distributes your chosen IV cocktail so that you can receive whatever mix you like. The cost will reflect which vitamins you choose,

The second way is to have a medical professional visit your home. This process is called on-demand IV therapy. In some cases, you can have someone be at your house in under one hour. That’s helpful when you have immediate concerns like a hangover or jet lag.

Both options are helpful for different reasons. If you don’t mind traveling to a location, you may want to go to a physical site. If you need someone to provide care to you and your friends, you can use an on-demand option instead.

Are There Any Risks Involved?

You’ll always encounter risks when you receive an IV. That’s true whether you’re at a hospital or an IV bar. You may experience bruising or bleeding at the site of injection. You can also endure additional health risks such as vein inflammation if you repeatedly place the same needle into the same vein.

It’s essential to make sure that your IV therapy is safe. You always need to double-check which ingredients you put into your body. Be sure that your chosen company’s processes are up to code, as well. This way, you don’t make a mistake that impacts your health.

You should also remember that IVs aren’t cure-alls, either. You need to maintain proper nutrition and physical activity to keep yourself healthy.

An On-Demand IV May Be Helpful for You

If you feel like you need fluids to combat a cold, hangover, or any other ailment, you may want to consider IV therapy. This procedure doesn’t take more than an hour and can help alleviate different health concerns. Be sure to do your research to make sure you have a safe experience, too.


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