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Many people go to Las Vegas each year and it’s notorious as the center of legalized gambling in the United States. Although the odds are clearly against visitors, people are still eager to test their luck at poker tables and slot machines. An average casual gambler may lose about $400 during their trip at Las Vegas. In reality, there are many harmless entertainments in Las Vegas and you are able to enjoy your time there without getting into a casino.  There are many attractions that we can enjoy in Las Vegas. As an example, Cirque du Soleil is known for its amazing circus that is held in different places in Las Vegas. We may also see popular entertainers in Las Vegas who have regular shows in the city. Shopping is also a highly popular activity that we can enjoy in Las Vegas. Even windows shopping are an interesting activity to do as we can see various high end shops inside the city. Even so, there’s still a lot of opportunity for affordable shopping. You may go to the Forums Shops at Caesars to visit various boutique shops and restaurants.

We may also find high-end shopping at the Bellagio and unique shops at the Pool Promenade. The Las Vegas Premium Outlet offers plenty of treasure for bargain shoppers. Unlike those gamblers, shoppers may get a lot more value for their money, by trying their luck in these bargain stores. Many brands can be purchased for far less if you are lucky to find the right store. There are also plenty of dining opportunities for non-gamblers in Las Vegas. You will fund restaurants established by various celebrity chefs. Bobby Flay, Wolfgang Puck and Emeril Lagasse open their restaurants in Las Vegas. There are also many family restaurants that provide tasty and excellent food without the five-star rating. Las Vegas is a city that never sleeps and you will be able to find good meal at any time of the day. Another sinless attraction in Las Vegas is watching boxing matches, which are held in different areas of the city. When it comes to a family and sinless trip, Las Vegas could be the last thing in your mind, but the city could really give you a lot of opportunity.

Game Works offer state of the art arcade entertainment that will appeal to kids and parents as well. The Las Vegas Zoo provides us with many hours of entertainment. Circus Circus is a family attraction in Las Vegas for decades. You are able to enjoy the world’s biggest indoor theme parks in the Adventure Dome. In the five and half acre area, you will fund many attractions, such as go karts, kid friendly entertainments and wax museums. When visiting Las Vegas, you shouldn’t stay only at the confines of the city. You could go to the nearby Hoover Dam by taking the regular bus tour. Another attraction that is just a short drive from Las Vegas is the Bonnie Springs Ranch Old Nevada, which gives you a glimpse of the Old West lifestyle.

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