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It’s hard to believe that spring is finally here, and with that, summer feels like it is just around the corner now. That means longer days, warmer days, and just a whole lot more fresh air to enjoy. If you’ve been stuck indoors during the winter months, then there is no doubt you’re itching to get out there and enjoy the change in seasons. And what better way to usher in summer 2020 with some fabulous new fashion items. While you don’t have to go to the trouble of revamping your entire wardrobe, there are some essential pieces you may want to pick up.

Here’s a look at our three best fashion tips for summer 2020.

Inject Style Into Your Sneaker Game

Sneakers are one of those items that everyone has. Whether you are using them for a workout and athletics, or just a comfortable option for doing errands in town, they have always been a popular choice for all ages. But here’s the thing, did you know that your sneakers can actually set a fashion statement?

Gucci shoes are perhaps some of the most recognizable designer shoes out there, and they have a wide variety of fashionable sneakers to choose from. It’s an opportunity to make a fashion statement with an item you may usually overlook. SSENSE is an online high-end retailer of all things designer related, and you’ll find an excellent selection of Gucci shoes to choose from. Choose from different colors, styles, and fits, and don’t settle at just one pair – pick up a couple to work with your various outfits.

Your Summer Blazer

Instead of wearing a typical lightweight jacket in summer, you can elevate your look with a fitted blazer. Blazers can pair beautifully with sundresses, shorts, capris, denim, and any other item. The key to pulling off this item is to make sure the blazer is fitted so it gives you structure.

As for a particular color to pick, there is no one color that is more fashionable than another, it’s all about choosing one that works with your wardrobe. If you want to look really fresh and summer-like, opt for a crisp white blazer or a navy one with white details. You can reserve black and dark brown for the colder darker months.

A Selection of Sundresses

It’s not just about one sundress, it’s about a number of sundresses that you can grab for all summer long. You can play around with colors and prints – floral is proving to be really big for 2020 – and even different styles like tiered, smocked, and fit and flare. It’s about finding the style that flatters you and your body type, and that also feels comfortable to wear.

Don’t forget if you feel a little chilly you can always pair that blazer with your sundress.

Staples to Get Started With

This list provides you with the summer fashion essentials you need to build a trendy and comfortable wardrobe.


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