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We love the touch of nature’s dew drops on grass. We also adore the tickle of grains of sand on the beach. The feeling and touch of the environment are constant to our feet. How about showing your perfect feet in a stylish attracting way? It is true that our feet are the most ignored or overlooked part of our bodies unless they demand attention. Our feet are consistently vulnerable to the harsh and varied atmosphere.

However, few amazing things and tips can maintain the care of our feet. One of the amazing examples is to wear online shoes Australia. Fresh and beautiful feet are on demand by the photographers, too, who want to post those pictures on their front page. Advertisements also demand appealing feet pictures for the promotion of their skincare products.

Below are the eight useful tips to make your feet look fresh, healthy, and beautiful:

Wear stylish heels

To make your feet look unavoidably pretty, try warning finest quality yet expensive heels. Ladies wearing eye-catching shoes grab a lot of attention from men, even more women too. Maybe they are jealous! Heels also make girls look taller, and height attracts boys a lot. Trust me, I am a boy, and I like a tall girl!

Pointy-toe Rothy’s shoes

A pair of pointy-toe Rothy’s shoes may be the most comfortable thing for your feet you’ll ever buy and own. Usually, ladies do not like wearing flat shoes as that makes their feet look long. They are uncomfortable too. But mark my words Rothy’s flat shoes are truly amazing, giving them a stylish look to your feet.

These are comfortable as sneakers, telling you my experience. Having walked for long-distance and wearing these does not give a single percent of the pain. Want to know an amazing fact? Rothy’s flats are created using recycles water bottles. So you don’t need to worry about washing them.

Just throw them in the washing machine and clean them. An average pair will cost you around $145. I know it’s a bit expensive, but the finest quality is totally worth it.

A stylish pair of bow-tie flat mules will be perfect!

Wearing heels all day and night, let your feet feel tired. Sometimes they are uncomfortable too. Buy a stylish paid of bow-tie flat mules. Finally, in the market, some professional-appearance shoes are available. Now you can replace your old plain oxfords with these appealing shoes. It’s similar to a slipper, perfect to wear in the office. The shoes are comfy.

They are considered as sturdy enough to walk in the downtown of San Diego city. Talking about the design, there is a lot of cuteness in it with perfect polishing. The finish is mainly with black to give an office girl vibe. They are so cheap that they will cost you around $21.

A pair of Steve Madden loafers are the type of shoes ready to wear anywhere and anytime

Steve Madden loafers are trending nowadays. The reasons for their rave reviews are obvious. They are comfy, soft, and (obviously) stylish in the look. If you really see a pair on display, I will recommend you to buy it instantly. Who knows their demand gets increase and there may be a shortage of it!

A stylish pair of patterned flats

A stylish pair of patterned flats having a woven-like material will be ideal for you in spring and summer. The pair may feel loose for you initially but would be fine in a couple of days. The material is really flexible. It also does not create any blister or rub in the feet. The cost would be approximately $20.

Casual espadrille shoes

Casual espadrille shoes will work best to wear during vacation. The vibrant colors will perfectly suit your outfit! If you’re planning for an overseas vacation for a month, take my suggestion and buy these espadrilles. They are so stylish and comfortable, and it will grab other’s attention.

A flamboyant pair of all birds flats

The said pair will make you feel walking on the clouds even on the dirty surfaces. In the past couple of days, I wore these regularly. You won’t believe the quantity of praise and compliments I received. You can get them in just $95.

An appealing pair of ballet flats

Ballet flats with a classic appearance will let you wear it with jeans or any leggings, even with a professional pencil skirt! These gold-colored shoes truly grab the attention of the person sitting next to you. The gold is eye-catching, but we still hope that the brands launch this pair in other colors too.

A classic pair of rhinestone flats

Rhinestone shoes will suit you the most to wear at your cousin’s wedding or any friends’ gathering. Just Google these shoes, and you will be amazed to see the beauty of this pair. There is a variety of colors available in the market, as well as on online sites.


Cleaning your feet regularly with honey water or simply warm water will make your feet look fresh. In that way, you will be able to showcase your feet wearing skirts or short jeans. Similar to everything with skin protection, good looks come up with perfect cleansing. As far as your feet are concerned, it’s prominent to keep the surfaces clean with any care products or natural remedies. Unclean legs will not absorb nutrients or moisturizers.

With the passage of time, you will notice cracked heels or aged feet. Be careful about it! Do not ignore the cuticles and the toe webs. Moreover, there are two more essential ways to maintain the cleansing of your feet. Apply soap-less gel and warm water. Do not use hot water. Besides, clean your legs before sleeping.

Having been barefoot all day makes the skin tire and rough due to exposure to the dusty atmosphere. You don’t have to wait until morning.


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