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The loud thump of a kick, the smack of boxing a punching bag and the thud of the jump rope as it hits the floor. These are the familiar sounds of an action packed Muay Thai training camp. As more people from all over the world show interest in this incredible sport, sparring on the weekend is the most exciting activity and professional sporting event in Thailand. Now you can experience a ne take on fitness when you travel to Thailand to perform combat sports. Created to deliver maximum impact with incredible health benefits, Muay Thai is the reason more people are planning their travels to Thailand.

Reasons to Travel to Thailand

If you are fit and wish to learn the craft of mixed martial arts, then a trip to Thailand can produce incredible results. Thailand is the home of Muay Thai and offers interested fitness enthusiasts the chance to train alongside professional instructors, spend every day of the week training and incorporate the cultural integrity and powerful sports in their everyday lives. The action-packed sport has ancient roots in Thailand where warriors were trained to use their bodies in a striking and defensive motion against the enemy. Today much of the movements and the principles remain the same but the martial art has also become a form of intense training. When you travel to Thailand to join a professional training camp, it is a good idea to plan a weekend of training. Here you have the chance to spar in a competitive event if you are advanced and approved by your instructor. Novice performers can attend the event and learn a few of the tactics engaged by leading artists.

For a fitness holiday in Thailand, plan at least a 7 day trip with visits to the local beach or an exotic island. Training often takes place on an island and includes accommodation at a training camp for martial arts students. Be sure to pack the correct workout attire including stretch fabrics, shorts and boxing gloves. Training can be performed barefoot with wrap guards helping to protect against injuries. It is also important to plan your meals accordingly and ensure it consists of a balanced diet to sustain your workouts. Travel through Thailand with your entire family and visit the local communities to experience the authentic culture.

Travel to Thailand for Muay Thai

In Thailand you can join a professional Muay Thai training camp. The training camp presents a workout program for individuals of all fitness levels. A beautiful city is Phuket island. Suwit Muay Thai is the famous Muay Thai camp in Phuket city. Upon traveling to Thailand, your training camp offers incredible accommodation with access to modern amenities, internet connectivity and a space where you can rest and rejuvenate after a tough workout. You will meet with your trainer early each morning and start your exercises on the beach or a beautiful scenic location. Once your workout is completed, you will start your Muay Thai training. A combination of a beautiful location alongside some of the best trainers in the heart of Thailand, can and will deliver the most impressive experience of a lifetime.


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