You might have noticed that guy who comes to work dressed sharp with everything on point and you can’t pinpoint what makes him look dapper while you would wear a similar suit but look flat and average.

Wearing a suit is important as it’s the dress code for major events like weddings, business meetings and interviews.

We have compiled some tips for wearing suits perfectly which will make you look way sharper than ever.


1.The shoulder fit matters the most

When purchasing an off the rack suit make sure to try it on and see if the suit fits perfectly on your shoulder. The shoulder length on a suit can’t be typically increased whereas waist length can easily be adjusted by a tailor hence it is critical when purchasing a suit.


2.Make sure it fits right (Not too loose not too tight)


This right fit is the biggest concern when it comes to any clothing and not just suits. You can wear a $ 2000 ill fitted suit which will make you look average but a cheap $ 250 great fitted suit can make you look dapper. Ensuring that the suit fits you right is important while keeping your body type in mind. If you have a lean and muscular built, then a slim fit suit shall be the best bet for you. If your body type is heavy, then it is recommended to wear a regular fit or a slim fit suit one or two sizes up.


3.Get a high quality affordable custom suit

The best way to get an ideal suit made for your body type is to go for a custom made to measure suit. Buying a custom suit is typically expensive with costs racking up to at least 1000 dollars especially at brick and mortar stores. Colletto offers high quality affordable made to measure suits which will typically cost you between 300 -500 dollars. You shall provide your measurements and they shall ship the suit at your doorstep in 2-3 weeks. You get a $40 credit back if the suit doesn’t fit you exactly the way you want leaving room to get it adjusted from a local tailor.


4.Expose your sleeve cuffs half an inch

The length of your suit arms should be such that it shouldn’t completely cover the sleeve cuffs of your shirt. The advised sleeve cuff length which should be visible is half an inch.

5.The width of your tie and lapel should match

This is not a hard and fast rule but having the same width of your tie and lapel will make your suit look PROPER!


6.Pick your suit fabric according to the weather

The fabric you choose for your suit should depend on the season hence blends of wool are ideal for winters whereas blends of silk, rayon and polyester are great for summer seasons. One great idea of custom suits for men for colder seasons was recently introduced by Colletto. They came up with the World’s first detachable fox fur scarf suits which truly adds to the luxury of the attire.

7.Your tie should be darker than your shirt

Make sure that the colors you choose for your tie should be darker than your shirt to have a contrast.


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