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Legging Trends

Some things never go out of fashion, and this is also correct in the case of leggings. Whether you are going for a stroll in the park or to your aerobics class, leggings are always one of the preferred options. They are easy to wear, comfortable and trendy, what more could you ask for?

Some people are too shy to wear leggings as pants. They fail to realize that there is a subtle difference between leggings and tights. Tights cover your foot and are usually worn under the pants. Leggings, on the other hand, are made up of thick material and are not as sheer as tights. So yes, leggings are meant to be worn as pants.

Men also wear leggings, but the percentage is tiny. Leggings are known to highlight a girl’s bottom curves. It is not something that men would want to flaunt. So, men usually wear leggings when they have no choice due to the nature of work or circumstances, such as being a yoga instructor.

With the classic leggings style being simple and black, there was always room for new methods to make their way on to the fashion street. Some of them were introduced by celebrities like Britney Spears, who had nothing better to wear while filming their music videos. However, time’s changed, and no matter how popular trends are, there is always a slight variation in the style each year. And that is what we are going to discuss today.

  1. Standard Black Leggings

Black never gets old. If you want a graceful and sober look, then standard black leggings are the thing for you. Although there is not much room for leggings in the corporate sector. However, if there is a chance for any tolerance, then, it would be the standard black leggings. You can pair them up with a mid-thigh long dress to complete the outfit or wear them under an oversized sweater. Whatever you pick, leggings comfortably get along with majority clothing pieces.

  1. Textured Leggings

As it’s clear from the name, textured leggings have some texture on the upper surface. The variance in different textures is significant which makes it easier for you to find something that you will like. The texture is also usually available in different colors. So, if you don’t want to look too overboard while being trendy at the same time, then perhaps you might want to go for a decent texture with black as the base color.

Textured leggings give a bold look, hence, if you are someone who loves sport-daring outfits, textured tights are your thing. You can wear them with a plain, white oversized t-shirt to give the attire a casual, and funky vibe.

  1. Coated Leggings

Remember Trinity from The Matrix? And her cool shiny pants? Well, that’s what reflective coated leggings would look like. Coated leggings have an extra layer on top of their fabric that has been applied using different techniques. Some fashion experts are saying that coated leggings are going to revolutionize the leggings industry.

These coated leggings look super trendy. Wearing them to your next workout session will make sure you get all the right attention!

  1. Animal-Print Leggings

If you have this sudden rush of adrenaline, and planning for a sprint on the beach, try wearing Cheetah-Print Leggings. However, if you are going to a party, and expect to face some college bullies, you might need to put on your Python-Print Leggings.

Animal prints have now been in fashion for a long time. They are loved by many and are adorned in various clothing pieces such as animal printed shoes, jackets, bags, wallets, etc. They are also a great replacement for the original skin accessories which are extremely cruel and harsh for the animals. If you are someone who loves animal skins but prefers cruelty-free items, then these animal printed leggings are the perfect fit for you.

  1. Utilitarian Leggings

Have you ever worn leggings to a workout and struggled to find a space to keep your phone and other gadgets? Well, this is the downside of leggings, no pockets. However, it is now going to change. With the ever-evolving environment, you would need nifty storage spaces on your leggings.

With the introduction of the utilitarian leggings, you can put your shades and mobile phone in the pockets while comfortably working around. It would kill the need for you to carry a pouch to hold your gadgets for when you go running in the morning. It will come super handy for people who are in the habit of carrying several devices along with them for their gym sessions.

  1. Neon Leggings

While running on a treadmill in a gym with your headphones on, you might want to have that sporty look. Bright neon leggings are usually preferred by cyclists and other outdoor athletes willing to get spotted easily and to exuberate energy. You can also get yourself a pair of neon leggings to brighten up your workout wardrobe.

Neon colors have been the latest fashion trend. They give an immediate pop to any outfit you wear. With all the extra energy and vigor needed for a workout session, neon leggings would provide you with a sudden boost of liveliness. It is a known phenomenon that whatever you wear also has a significant impact on your mood.

  1. Front-Detail Leggings

For those who are not comfortable with leggings due to functional reasons, such as the lack of a zipper or being way too loose around the waist, front-detail leggings have the answer to their problems. Stylish and practical at the same time, with waist ties, zips, and buttons on the front side, front-detail leggings are one of the significant successful shifts in the leggings industry.

You can pick the one that suits your needs and requirements since there is a diverse range of designs and styles available.

  1. Colorful Leggings

If you are desiring a youthful look, and you are tired of wearing black leggings, then we believe it’s time for a colorful change. You should try adding in some colors to your pant wardrobe with flamboyant leggings. Without any texture or extra detailing, unusual colorful leggings will make you look graceful but in a stylish way.


Leggings most probably will never go out of fashion as they are smooth and comfortable to wear and look good on almost everyone in their day-to-day life. However, you must carefully choose the type of legging according to the situation and mood. Look through the various designs and styles available to choose the one that goes along with your personality the best. Something as prominent as leggings can put you in the spotlight. Better make it worth looking at!



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