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The Future Of The World Is Digital Nation In The Hands Of Digital Young Ones

The process of converting information into digital format by the effective and efficient usage of technology and innovation is known as digitization. In this era of e-commerce, e-banking, e-marketing, and many more, e-books are one of the major sources which serve us with the best books, best magazines, best novels, and more and more. Being digital in every field is an advantage whether we opt for digitization in financial activities, marketing activities, household activities, trading activities, and even activities related to playing games, solving puzzles, and studying books, magazines, and all that. What are the benefits of digital magazines and books? Let’s go digital. But Why?

Digitization offers us many benefits. The following are various benefits:

  1. It is easy to get access to everything when we go digital, as today mostly everyone is having internet connections with them so it’s easy to avail of the benefits of any services.
  2. We can avail of the benefits at any time from anywhere, just by a single click of a mouse we are served with so many services.
  3. Due to the emergence of globalization, we can compete with any number of companies and countries. There are no borderlines we can give information worldwide and we can also get information from any useful sites as per our needs.
  4. It is cost-efficient there is no publishing cost, designing cost, the only requirement is of skills and innovative techniques.
  5. We can get and give quick feedback for services availed and rendered.
  6. There is no delay in action if we have to provide any information or to make any corrections related to any information.

Weaver: Digital Magazine

WEAVER is a digital magazine published by Monomousumi. Monomousumi is an online platform that organizes various writing competitions monthly and quarterly at the international level. The features of the magazine are:

  1. The magazine is edited and designed by participants itself from different parts of the world as a team.
  2. The weaver is full of knowledge gaining as because it doesn’t contain ad and only focus on the betterment of the writer or artist.
  3. It is the perfect place to showcase our creativity.
  4. Weaver Magazine is weaved by the budding writers who are selected from different countries. It consists of many articles, poems, essays, stories, puzzles, and quizzes. The articles and essays are related to business management, financial needs, lifestyle, education, technology, etc.
  5. It is created by writers and designers or some other creative creators.
  6. There is no age restriction, anyone can join the team of the budding writers and can be a part of the team.
  7. It nurtures one’s skills and lifestyle. It not only focuses on writing skills but is also helpful to enhance one’s reading skills, designing skills, communication skills nurturing the lifestyle of a person.
  8. Everyone work as a team and guide each other; the team members coordinate with each other and replace “I” with “We” in all their conversations.
  9. It is free of cost and anyone who is willing to read it can read it out. There is no problem to read the magazine anyone with basic skills can read it out.
  10. The whole team works regularly to do something more and more innovative for the magazine. It is weaved collectively by many hardworking hands. We can gain experience and knowledge by weaving it.
  11. It not only includes the quantity of pages but also focuses on the quality of material served on these pages.

So, the digital magazine is the best tool to read and to share, we can share our creativities through such magazines. It helps us to develop fame and nurtures our lifestyle.

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