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It can be difficult losing weight. We all have a perfect image of ourselves that we want to achieve. However, the hard work we put into obtaining a gorgeous body is tough to stick to. You have to create a healthy diet, exercise regularly and avoid delicious temptations (like alcohol and fatty foods). However, despite knowing that you need to retain a healthy lifestyle, some of us still fall into fad diets that do our bodies more harm than good. To help you not become a fad diet follower, we have compiled a list of the worst diets that you need to avoid. That way you can keep your body healthy and happy whilst you safely lose weight.

Baby Food Diet

Now, this is a diet that no adult should really be eating. Not only does baby food taste disgusting but it is basically just mushed up vegetables, fruits and meats. So, not only does it sap out all of the nutrition from your normal meals, but you’re basically just consuming the same amount of food you normally. It’s just instead of having them in a solid fashion, you’re having them mashed up. Not only that but eating baby food isn’t actually sustainable. It’s not enough to keep your body going alone and instead, it will make you hungrier, meaning that it’s more than likely that you will end up binging.

The Cabbage Soup diet

If you want to get a body that some of the hottest escorts in London boast, one of the ways you can do it is by avoiding the cabbage soup diet. This is a classic of a diet that has been around for centuries. It’s extremely easy to make but will probably leave you feeling quite miserable after you have tasted it. Cabbage doesn’t carry a lot of nutrients and if you eat this soup over and over again, you will find that you will feel tired and may even get sick more often. Instead, focus on foods that are healthy enough to give you a varied array of vitamins and minerals.

The Clay Diet

Yes, some people have actually resorted to eating clay in order to try and lose weight. A-Listers have claimed that stirring clay entrails into their water means that you can clear your get of toxins and also cure any potential hunger pangs. However, clay has been proven to potentially damage the lining of your intestines, if consumed regularly. This is because clay actually pulls nutrients out of your lining instead of allowing them to be absorbed. If you want your body to naturally detoxify itself then make sure to eat a balanced diet with nutritious vegetables and fruits. You may also want to include small fibre and protein-rich snacks, like nuts, as a snack throughout the day.

The Five Bite Diet

So, this diet is pretty much what it says on the diet. You can eat whatever you want but you can only take about 5 bites of it. However, you also need to skip breakfast and then only have the 5 bites for dinner and lunch. Not only does this mean that you’re skipping out on the most important meal of the day, but you are also practically starving your body of vital nutrients. You can also easily cheat on this diet by taking larger bites. So overall it’s a waste of time to try, especially as you are wasting food in the process.

The Air Diet

Now, this diet is just plain stupid. It promotes eating disorders and really just tricks your imagination into pretending that you are eating when in reality you are just eating air. You literally are scooping up air from an empty bowl and pretending that you are eating. This does nothing but promotes unhealthy eating conditions like anorexia and bulimia. Avoid this diet at all costs and instead think of a healthy diet that promotes a balanced mix of fruits, vegetable and vitamins.

Choose a healthier way of losing weight

Honestly, the best way that you can actually lose weight and get fitter is to construct a balanced diet plan and engage in regular exercise, on your own or potentially with a trainer. Don’t engage in diet fads. They come and go like a passing breeze. Instead, stick to a healthier option and look after your body. You only have one of them!

Good luck.

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