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There are so many people in the world who are blessed as parents and have babies around them. It might seem very easy to handle the babies but it is not, from taking care of their food and sleep to changing their nappies especially when you have to change their diapers again and again after every few minutes. According to research, a newborn baby almost changes his diapers 12 times a day so you can imagine how difficult it is to get it done by changing him on the bed and especially when the baby has started crawling so it is quite tough to control him.

So, if you are tired of doing this then get a changing table for your baby as it is one of the best options that should be immediately adopted to get rid of such problems. If you have embraced parenthood for the first time and have no idea how and from where to buy a good, enduring and safe change table then this article is going to be very helpful for you. Here we are going to discuss all the points that should be considered while buying the changing table like its safety, reliability, materials from which it has been made, and cost, etc.

There are a few people who take these things for granted but you should be very picky and choosy, as it is about the safety of your child because he can fall from the table or table can break if it is not strong enough to uphold the weight of the baby. Several online stores are there who are exceptionally amazing in providing these baby change tables at a reasonable price with safety and reliability guarantee.


Before going into the details of things that should be pondered while buying a table, we are going to describe the types of baby change table that are available in the market like a wooden table containing two to three tiers and drawers to put changing related stuff like diapers or clothing pad, etc. The second which is also quite famous is a portable folding table, these types of tables are very beneficial to use as they do not consume a huge space in the room and can be carried from one place to another provided with a frame of metal with fabric body. And last but not least is the table with a baby bath option as well, to give your baby a proper wash and bath before changing his napkin.


Not only one, but various things are there that need your proper attention and inspection like whenever you go to buy a changing table make sure it fulfills all the legal rules like the height of sides of railing that should not be less than 2 inches as to protect the baby from falling. Similarly, changing pads with safety strap and prices are also very important things to be considered that either the table which you are getting is worth to buy or not.


This point is very important as you will need a lot of storage space to store wipes, creams, napkins or diapers of your child. If you are thinking that it does not matter than you are wrong because a table having adequate storage space is quite useful as you do not have to look down or here and there in search of these things and your total attention will be on your baby. And it also saves your energy and time as babies start moving from their place when mothers go to pick powders or napkins etc. So make sure your changing table has proper storage space for the baby’s dressing stuff. This storage space is provided in the form of shelves that might be open for easy access to diapers, etc or in the form of baskets, decorated with designs and patterns to grab the attention of a baby. They also contain drawers to keep the things separately while some tables have shelves and drawers both to accommodate all the necessary items of your baby.


When it comes to babies, their safety is the first and foremost which should not be taken lightly. No matter what type of changing table you choose, do not forget to check the safety elements for the sake of your baby like a safety trap to hold the baby because you never know when he rolls or flips off. And also the durability and toughness of the table that either it can carry the weight of the baby or not along with the edges that should not be sharped and do not contain any nails outside. Because of these types of sharp corners, a baby can get hurt so always checked the sides and corners of the table properly for the safety of the baby.


While getting a changing table for your toddler make sure to check that it contains barriers as per the standard safety rules of JPMA/ASTM. So, the table having the flat changing surface must contain safety barriers on all the four sides of the table to ensure the protection of the baby, while the tables with the molded changing surface need to have at least two barriers on the opposite sides. Do not even consider to purchase a table having only three sides of the protection as they are extremely risky and dangerous for the baby. To ensure the stability of the table, shake it if it feels unsteady than do not buy it as the baby will not be stable if the table is not steady.


This one point is very important to ponder as it is about the safety and security of your toddler. Make sure to check the height of the railings of the table that either they are according to the standards or not like the railing height should be 2inches from the sides to prevent the baby from falling. And always choose the table that suits your height as you are going to change the diapers, etc and it can cause back pain if the height of the table is lower than your height. So, pick the one that should be comfortable and secure for your baby and yourself too.


Though it might seem strange for some parents who are buying this changing table for the first time, always go for the tables that do not only provide safety but also take care of the hygiene of the baby. The tables made up of cheap or inexpensive materials can compromise health and hygiene so, get your hands on the tables made up of antimicrobial materials. In this way, you can also take care of your baby’s hygiene along with safety as well.


These types of foldable and portable tables are very useful for those who do not have enough space in their room. These types of tables are not only stylish but functional too and fold easily so you can take them everywhere with you. And if you are planning to buy a foldable changing table then the x-shape tables are best to use as they can fold easily rather than the other shapes tables.


Either you are buying any television, any toy or a changing table for your baby, price is one of the factors that cannot be ignored. Whenever you are buying any table make sure that either it is worth the money or not as few stores do not have good quality tables but they sell at high rates. So, always get your hands on the changing table that comes under your budget and contain all the important features like safety trap and smooth edges, etc.


Everyone has their perspective and views about certain things when it comes to dealing with their toddlers and we need to respect their opinions because handling a baby is not an easy task, it requires lots of patience, tolerance, and self-control. Either it is about putting your child to sleep or changing his diaper after every few minutes, you need to be very patient as this is something that can be very hectic and tiring and also cause severe back pain to you. So, if you are a parent and looking for a solution then changing tables are your best friends as they will help you to get your baby’s diaper changed smoothly without any hustle. These tables are very beneficial and functional as they are portable, easy to carry, affordable and foldable too, so they cannot cover a huge space in the bedroom. And they also ensure the safety, protection, and hygiene along with the easy access to baby’s diapers, powders, clothing pads, etc.


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