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If you want to prepare a healthy meal, you should pay attention to your meat grinder as well. If you choose a meat grinder with proper design and construction, it should be easy to clean and use. When meat is properly ground, you can reduce the fat content when the meat is cooked. With grinder, you food will be easier to digest. If the grinder is well made, you can grind a couple pounds of meat in a few minutes. Meat grinder should be made from heavier cast iron with stainless steel outer layer, so it will be easy to clean. Low quality grinder can be made from aluminium, which make the grinding process longer and the result can be uneven. When the grinder is not tinned, the meat can become darker. The acid in the meat can react with the iron, causing it to become darker. Most grinders no longer have this problem, but you need to be careful about it.

Before using the grinder, you should wash your hands with water and soap for 30 seconds. Rinse the meat for a few minutes to wash away any residue and microorganism. The cutting board should also be kept clean. If the board is easily nicked by the knife, microorganism may grow easily, you should make sure that the board has good quality. If you want to grind the meat of wild game, such as venison, you should cut it into smaller pieces, because it could be rougher than the meat of domesticated animals. In general, meat grinders should work well with 2×2 inch chunks. Try smaller cuts, if you find it harder to grind the meat. You should experiment with fine, medium and coarse grates to get the best results. As an example, coarse grinder is ideal if you want to make burger or pasta sauce. Finer grinder should be ideal if you want to make meatball.

If you want to find lightweight grinder, you should choose the one made from aluminium. However, it may perform less efficiently. When using aluminium meat grinder, you may need to cut meat into smaller pieces. Stainless steel is generally stronger than aluminium and it’s also easy to clean. Although bacteria doesn’t grow on metal, but tiny bits of meat and blood can be trapped inside crevices and imperfections on metal surface. These are perfect habitat for the growth of microorganisms. So, make sure that your grinder has proper build quality, so the surface of the grinder won’t be damaged easily. Small pieces of bones may also scratch the metal surface, so make sure that the meat has no small bones attached inside. Don’t let problem develop inside your kitchen and you need to take pride in your health. Meat grinder should help to ease the cooking process. It will be time consuming to use a couple of cleavers to mince your meat. So, make sure that you invest on quality meat grinder. It would be better if grinder can last for a lifetime.

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