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Waterless cookware set can really make a change in the way you cook and enjoy your foods. It can help you to make healthier meals. With waterless pans and pots, you can cook with far less water. Despite its “waterless” name, you actually still need to use some water. This way, you can retain much of the flavour and nutrients. Water may dissolve both, making your food taste blander and less nutritious. Because you use less water, it is also possible to cook your food quickly. Waterless cookware set usually has aluminium core, which is covered by the outer stainless steel layers, both at the inside and outside. You should avoid waterless cookware that has only a couple of layers. Quality cookware should have at least five layers, which will help you to conduct heat much more easily.

Here are benefits of waterless cookware set:

  • Higher level of nutrients retained, especially if you cook vegetables.
  • Flavor is retained, because water doesn’t dilute and evaporate flavour from the food
  • Lower temperature. Very high temperature can destroy nutrient and flavour in your food.
  • Stainless steel layer doesn’t leach metal into your food
  • The cooking process is faster
  • It’s easy and fast to clean your cookware

If you decide to use waterless cookware, you should know how to use it properly. When you use this set, you need to cook a bit differently, compared with regular cookware set. First of all, make sure that your pot or pan is big enough to accommodate your ingredients.

  • Cut up your ingredients into smaller pieces to reduce the cooking time
  • Pour about a quarter cup of water into the pan
  • Place the lid securely
  • Use the medium heat, until steam comes out of the valve
  • Use low heat and close the steam valve.
  • Wait until a specific amount of time, then open the valve to release the steam
  • Turn off the stove and let the pan to cool down a bit
  • Remove the lid and proceed with the next cooking process, or serve the food.

It is a good idea to choose a pot with transparent lid, so you don’t need to remove it to check the food out. When steam and heat escape, the cooking process could become longer. It may take some getting used to if you want to cook with waterless cookware set. However, you will find out that it’s well worth the change.

Waterless cookware is often more expensive compared to regular sets. However, it should worth the cost due to some reasons. Quality waterless cookware set may last for a lifetime. It’s also a good idea to choose waterless cookware set with long-term warranty for your peace of mind. Because you can retain much of the flavour, you will need less salt and various flavour enhancers. Quality cookware also won’t leach heavy metals into your food, which will ensure better health for your family. It’s an easier, faster, cleaner and healthier way to cook your food.

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