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Things you should Know before Preparing Hair for Your Wedding - ramijabali beauty salon

Wedding day is special in a girl’s life and she waits her entire life for this big day. To make it exceptional and extra ordinary, you should begin planning months before the occasion.  The bride’s unique looks is what draws everyone’s attention. You already have been searching for inspiration from Pinterest about how to have gorgeous and glittering bridal looks when walking down the aisle.

The perfect wedding hair that makes your wedding photos glossy is a dream of every girl.Save yourself from stressing out by your smudged hairs, instead be prepared by trying out multiple hair styling ideas.  Here are some hair preparation tips prior to your special day to make sure you live up to your dream of looking beautiful.

Schedule appointment with hairstylist

Don’t compromise on your looks by saving your bucks on cheap makeovers. When it comes to your only special day, choose the one that is best in his/her job. Instead, Google it out by searching terms like best hairdresser in Dubai, and book your appointment for days like bridal shower and bachelorette party.

Go clean before the appointment

A creative hairstylist can create amazing looks by focusing on every little detail of your hair. The hair stylist mostly have issues working with just washed hair, as there is already moisture in the hair and it is difficult to updo into place. It becomes challenging to make them stay in place. The hair needs to be dry and clean as well to work out perfectly.

So, make them clean a day before visiting your stylist, so he/she can give a proper texture and the locks will be easily manageable.

Try number of hair styling ideas

A hairstyle looking perfect on someone may look weird on you so it is good to play with different styles. It depends on the shape of your face. The back sweep hair looks perfect on oval shaped face and similarly if you have a strong jawline then go for straight hair and part them from middle. Long curls or hair up braids works perfectly for long faces. Even if you know which style will go right with your face, you still have plenty of choices to run with.

Apply wedding hair color a weak early

Avoid trying something new if you have only few days left for the big day. Conditioning your hair is important before coloring them is important. Being in the spotlight sometimes demands a dramatic change. Choose the color you love the most. Consult your hair colorist and tell your color preferences. Often brides do light touches to look brighter.

If you are willing to give a drastic change to your looks then go for minimal close to your natural hair, when feel comfortable,bring up the bigger change. If you are unhappy with the color and want to change it, then ask your stylist if he/she can give it a little creative tweaks. It all depends on the type of your hair and skill of your colorist.


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