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Venice is among the most unique destinations in Europe. The old city is known for its complex canals and winding streets. Newcomers won’t be able to navigate it easily without the help of a map or navigation app on their mobile devices. Due to its location on the southern part of Italy, Venice is relatively warm, especially during the summer. Travelling through Venice should be an exciting to do, as you eventually get lost in labyrinth of alleyways and you will need to pull out your smartphone again to find the right route. There are many wonderful things to see in Venice. The city is actually consisted of multiple islands separated by narrow canals. We will be able to go each island by using multiple bridges. The Rialto Bridge is known as a marvel of architecture and from this location, you are able to see the main water thoroughfare. Renaissance palaces surround the Grand Canal with multiple gondolas that are transporting tourists. It should be noted that gondolas in Venice are relatively expensive. You should try it only once and then it’s better to rely on the ferry system, which is cheaper.

One of the landmarks in Venice is the Doge’s Palace of Palazzo Ducale, which is a magnificent Gothic masterpiece. This building was the seat of the Venice government for centuries. It is certainly an attractive building with pink marble, white limestone and medieval carvings. Another place to visit is the Saint Mark’s Basilica with its stunning architectural designs, which will immediately take our breath away. The Madonna del’Orto is a church with impressive beauty, which was constricted in the mid 14th century. With such marvellous buildings, Venice has long been synonymous with architectural beauty. When we find another building in Venice, it seems to surpass the previous one. When visiting Venice, it won’t be complete if we don’t go to see the production of Venetian glass at the island of Murano. For centuries, Venetian glass is known for its detail, beauty and color. It’s perfect for outdoor landscaping objects, because can easily withstand the continuous exposure to the elements. You may also purchase smaller glass objects that can complement your indoors designs.

You may also visit Burano Island, which is a quieter part of Venice and you should find fewer tourists there. The island is known for canals that are lined with picturesque and colourful building. In fact, buildings in Burano looks better maintained than in the center of Venice, which makes the island feels like a more attractive place. Inside Venice, we often find houses that are exposed to seawater that causes the exterior plaster of the wall to crumble. Venice provides an assortment of dining options. Venice has been included in the European culture for years and it could really accentuate the old Europen culture in the 21st century. We will be able to enjoy many things in the city, either by taking various canal transportation or walking in narrow alleyways.

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