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Everyone wants their house to feel like a home. We want it to reflect our personalities and be designed in a way that looks great and makes us feel comfortable. One of the best ways to really personalize your house and make it a home is by using art. There are several different types of artwork that you can add to your home to take your living room to the next level.

However, choosing the wrong art for your living room can negatively affect the space. It can also actually take away from the time and effort you put into decorating it. While it is ultimately your call when it comes to the art in your living room, there are some tips you can abide by to help your journey.

This article is going to take a closer look at a few tips to help you choose the right artwork for your living room.

Don’t Be Afraid to Be Unique

When many people are choosing their art for their home, they tend to go safe. While this will look okay, it might not excite you as much as a piece you absolutely love will. So instead of going safe, don’t be afraid to be unique. Instead of opting for a piece that you have seen hundreds of times, why not try something new?

For example, you could opt for an abstract piece, a large gallery wall, a DIY creation, or even a painting made by a real portrait painter. The opportunities out there are endless, so don’t pigeonhole yourself into a certain style and type of art. Having unique or customized pieces can be a lot of fun and are sure to be conversation starters.

Sure, not every piece you try out might be a perfect fit, but that’s part of the fun. Don’t be scared to experiment and try out different things. Also, art doesn’t always have to be framed or on a canvas. Art could be sculptures, statues, flags, or anything else you can imagine.

Get The Right Size for the Space

Another thing to keep in mind when choosing art for your room is to get the right size for the space. Before you even begin shopping around for art, it is a good idea to have a size in mind. This can help guide your search, and help to prevent over choice. This is the problem of having too many options, and it being impossibly hard to choose just one. 

As for the size of the art, you should get, that depends on the space. Because living rooms are normally large, it is normal to see them decorated with a large oversized piece and then potentially a few smaller pieces. In most cases, we don’t see living room walls full of mini pieces of art, that is generally reserved for smaller rooms like bathrooms. In larger rooms, it is generally believed that bigger is better when it comes to art, as small pieces can seem out of place in a large room unless they are part of a gallery wall.

When placing art, it should be centered behind furniture, and be at a height on the wall that isn’t too high or too low. Also, be careful not to overload your living room walls with too much art all over the place, as it can make the room appear too busy.

Choose Color Carefully

When trying to choose art for your living room, it is likely the color that you spend the most time thinking about. This is for good reason. Choosing art with the wrong color can be a major eyesore in any living room. If your room is a mishmash of different colored art, furniture, and walls, it can come off a little bit tacky.

In general, most people will choose the color of the art in their living room in one of two ways. First, some people will get art that uses colors that are already present throughout the room, and in a similar proportion. On the other hand, others will decide to go with the same color scheme, only in a more bold or bright fashion. Of course, feel free to use complementary colors and shades as well. 

If you are having trouble knowing what kind of colors pair well with others in your living room, consider using a color wheel to assist. So while getting art that matches the colors of your walls or other decor is acceptable, it is far from the only way to choose the right color for wall art. Whatever colors you choose for your art, be sure that some time and thought went into the decision to make sure it fits the space.



In conclusion, we hope that this blog post has been able to help you choose the right art for your living room.

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