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Is it time to update the master bath? Is your grout fading? Are the cabinets screaming 1990s? If so, it’s time to put together a game plan and bring it into this decade. Grab your computer or a home magazine and start searching for some ideas. Pin your favorites to a board, and look up bathroom repair arvada to find a reliable and experienced crew to help bring your project to fruition. During your planning, consider these four areas for improvement.

Revamp the Shower

When you walk into the shower stall, many people want more than just that clean feeling: they also want to feel relaxed. It’s the chance to rinse the stress away. Don’t neglect this area. Talk to the contractor about doing tile work. Consider a simple, but elegant design. Think neutral colors that are easy to clean but that also convey a sense of calm. In fact, sometimes a simple line of decorative tile near the top is a nice addition as well. Select a grout color that is easy to maintain, and ensure that your vent is working properly. You don’t want moisture to seep into the walls.

Change the Cabinets

Over the years, cabinetry takes a beating. The colors can fade (or go out of style), and nicks and stains accrue from everyday use. When selecting a replacement, look for something durable and easy to clean. After all, how much you like to scrub? White cabinets are nice and bright, but they do show everything. Brown cabinets come in several shades and hide a bit more. Just be prepared to lighten up the room through other enhancements such as paint, plants and pictures.

Ditch the Long Mirror

Most builders install a long vanity mirror. While it’s nice, it can be a nuisance to keep clean, and it’s simply not necessary. Have the crew remove it from the wall and replace it with one or two framed pieces. This is a fun part because you can go simple, elegant or fancy. That’s up to you. Scope out various home goods stores and locate something that fits your design and interest.

Upgrade Your Lighting

Do you currently have bubble lights adorning your walls? They’re functional, but not very attractive to buyers. Offer yourself and future buyers something with more style.

When it’s all done, enjoy the new look and take pride in your design. Not only have you created a relaxing ambiance, but you’ve hopefully added value to your home.

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