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Aesthetics is the art and science governed by the philosophies of architectural design to improve the look and feel of a building. Architectural designers work on crafting designs that are appealing to the viewers and visitors. It is a creative process that helps the designers to make a visually appealing and artistic statement. An ideal design is made when a balance is achieved between form and function.

If the designer is absolutely sure about the functional needs of a building, then the form can be refined for greater appeal. Now, the first order of business includes working on the lines, shapes, sizes, colors, textures that you want to be a part of the building. These will be responsible for the first emotional experience people will have upon viewing your building.

Then, the formal elements of your building will involve working on a balanced and unified composition using the aforementioned features. The technical aspects would involve designing the features based on movement, planning the space and alignment of walls, windows and other internal structures with a focus on emphasis points and calculated symmetry.

With all this in mind, let’s set out and see what kind of features you should consider making your next commercial project a design success.


Focus on creating a clean, decluttered, and bright space inside the building. Try to remain as minimalistic in your approach towards designing the interior as possible. The art of creating a perfect interior went way beyond expensive furniture and scheduled cleaning rounds.

Make sure that you install enough drawers, shelves, and other types of storage units to keep everything organized. It does not help anyone, but you, if the space you design is chaotic with everything out of place and in a mess. Efficient storage of all items makes it easy to manage the day to day functions, while it also gives the room a clean and well-maintained look.

When it comes to lighting, you need to make sure there is ample natural and artificial light in the room in the right balance. It helps the room look bright enough to accentuate all the prominent features you have designed with all the hard work. Natural light also helps in improving the mood of everyone within. You can easily adjust the levels of natural light flowing into the room by making window adjustments. Simply find the best pivot arm awning online to make sure that there is not too much glare in the room while maintaining ventilation in it, too. A pivot arm awning will also give the outside of your building a classic aesthetic upgrade.

Another feature you need to consider is the paint color of the walls. It is ideal for functionality, and aesthetic appeal of the wall color is in contrast with the furniture and matches the general theme of the building. Depending on the nature of the building, you can have fun with creative artworks on the walls to make them more pleasing.


When you are looking for office furnishings, keep these three things in mind: comfort, usability, durability. An office space needs to be practical, but it does not mean that it has to be boring. Purchase furnishings that go together in color, texture, size, and feel. If you have the budget, you can have it all custom designed to suit your needs and design ideas for your workplace.

Provide your employees and office visitors with quality, ergonomically designed comfortable seating. Desks should have drawers and other ample space to keep it organized. Softboards to pin up any important notes your employees want to keep in sight. A showcase or a shelf to keep books, manuals, magazines, files and folders at hand. Make sure that high-quality electric sockets are placed under each desk. If your office has a traffic volume of visitors, installs a mobile phone charging station we are sure they will greatly appreciate it.

Keep the furnishings minimal and remember to maintain uniformity in design and color. A good designer will consider the alignment and spacing of the furniture to increase the visual appeal. You will have an office space where employees love to work, and other people enjoy their visits.


Let’s begin the tour of your project from the outside and see what it looks like. Depending upon the size of the space you have available on the outside, get as many plants as you can. Consult with an expert gardener on which plants work and look best all year round and then arrange them symmetrically on the outside. If your office is a creative workplace or perhaps a classy restaurant, vines going up the walls and poles on the outside will add to the charm, as well.

Place your company logo, signboard and directions in a way that they do not obscure any other important part of the building and are prominently visible. Try to stay away from the usual styles in which these are displayed. Again, depending entirely upon the nature of your workplace, you can go vintage with wooden displays with lights bouncing off to them for a timeless look or stainless steel in metallic grey for a more robust feel.

As for the interior, you need to make sure that all the workstations and equipment are easily accessible without any cluttering of furniture or other items. Walk around the office to get a personal feel. If something bothers you about the layout, then it probably needs to be changed.

Similar to the work you have done on the exterior, you should do for the interior. Bring in a few Madagascar dragon trees, peace lilies, Zanzibar gems, walking iris, and other plants on the inside, and they will surely uplift the feel of the place and the mood of the people in the building. Indoor plants should be small, not too in the face, and require minimal maintenance. You can get them in different kinds of pots, so make sure the color and shape of the pots go hand in hand with your office furniture.


In the end, the aesthetics of your commercial building will depend entirely on your artistic tastes and preferences. You are absolutely allowed to take inspiration from furniture showrooms that display entire office settings or go online and look up various designs. People love working in places that are aesthetically pleasing and even more when they are allowed to customize their personal corners according to their tastes. A good design will also surely attract more customers and raise your brand awareness.

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