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Tips to Choose The Best Color Scheme For Your Room

Choosing the best color for your bedroom can be a difficult task. There are many to choose from, but it is important to pick something that balances your taste, with comfort.

After a long day at work, don’t you want an inviting, calm, and relaxing space for you to rest and recover? Choosing the best color for your bedroom décor is crucial to promoting the right kind of atmosphere. This is because color can have a profound impact on how you feel and can subtly influence your experiences, so the bedroom should incorporate colors that are going to help your bedroom serve its purpose and promote calm, peace, and sleep.

The good news is, there is a range of colors that are perfect for a bedroom and promote wellbeing. Bright colors can help boost your mood, dark colors can create a nice, cozy feeling while neutral colors can promote a sense of calm. Regardless, there is a color to suit all tastes.

Following are the best color scheme ideas for your bedroom:


White is a great opportunity to create a space that feels clean and decluttered while giving you the freedom to add the décor of your choice for a pop of color. White is great to keep distractions limited and the space feeling inviting.

Light grey

Light grey is a great way to soften the atmosphere of your bedroom, while still providing you with control over the décor. Grey can be paired well with gold, olive, or jade touches or an accent wall.


This light, yellow color provides you with a comforting and relaxing space, perfect for a good night’s sleep. A great touch for those who live near the beach, or want to bring the beach vibe to their bedroom.


A common misconception promotes beige as a boring color when in fact, it is a clean and versatile tone that is guaranteed to provide you with a space you love. Beige creates a warm and light feeling in your bedroom.


Brown is a great, calming tone to help promote sleep and relaxation. The space can easily be bought together with accents of gold, white or blue.

Pale Blue

The color blue is renowned for its feelings of calm and serenity. A pale blue can bring a soft and soothing tone into the bedroom.

Sky Blue

If you prefer something bolder, sky blue can be the perfect color for your bedroom. It is bold, but not too overpowering. Use the sky blue to create a statement wall, or you can paint the entire room this calming color.


Navy-colored walls are known as the best way to create a balanced space. This soothing color works well with yellow, grey, and white.


Light, pastel colors like lilac can promote a great sense of calm and comfort. Lilac can easily be paired with other colors to create an expressive room for all ages.

Blush Pink

Blush pink can help bring your space together by creating an anchor for all your belongings as well as a sense of calm. Blush pink also creates a nice, subtle way to add color into your bedroom, without creating too much of a distraction.

Minty Green

Minty Green promotes well-being and a sense of happiness, as its soft tones and lightness remind people of summer. This color is soft and elegant, that is perfectly paired with any furniture you already have in your space.

Sage Green

Sage Green is an exciting yet calming addition to any bedroom, whether it is the entire space or the border trimmings. This shade can help open up space while promoting elegance.

How to use the Colors in your Bedroom

There are many different colors you can choose from to incorporate into your bedroom space. The best colors for your bedroom can be used in a variety of different ways, for example:

  • Painted around the entire bedroom ceiling to floor
  • Paint a single statement or accent wall
  • Painted on borders or trimmings
  • Paint the color on furniture (such as a wardrobe, chest of drawers, TV cabinet)
  • Paint the floorboards
  • Paint the doors
  • Paint a mural
  • Mix with complementary colors to make a unique expression

The important thing to remember when choosing the best color for your bedroom is to pick colors, usually cool tones, that will promote relaxation and be more soothing. The best colors for this effect are usually neutrals, greens, blues, and purples. All the colors can also be mixed up, or matched with décor to complement each other.

Do your research and find inspiration. Make sure you pick colors that you like, that are versatile, and leave you feeling calm and relaxed.

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