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Living amidst the vertical expansion of buildings has caused an asphyxiated state in terms of peace.

To deal with this, authorities in Florida are showing an increased inclination towards making the state green. This has led to a growth in the number of agricultural lands.

A typical farmhouse resides in the lap of nature. There are many farmhouses in Florida, and the number is on the rise. The Florida Agriculture Overview shows that it ranks 18th among all states in the number of farms. Besides using them for production purposes, people have also started to use the farmlands to seek joy in nature.

Given the growing campaign of planting trees, it is reasonable to have substantial knowledge of the farms in your vicinity. You should know all about the farmhouses that provide good produce.

Following is the list of top seven farmhouses in Florida.

  1. Majestic Tree Farm

The owners Dennis and Lara Parker started this project in 1990 because of their mutual appreciation for landscapes in Florida.

This tree farm possesses more than 100 acres of top quality oaks, crepe myrtles, palms, and Japanese blueberries. They operate as a wholesale tree farm in South Lake, Florida.

The mission of this farm is to provide the highest quality plant material at reasonable prices. You can also check their current variety on the website and scrutinize their reputation in online forums.

  1. Manuel Diaz Farms

Manuel Diaz Farms in Miami has been undertaking various growth projects. From a single luxury home in Coral Gables to a city in Arizona, the portfolio of this farm is quite extensive. They provide landscape materials to nursery professionals and landscape businesses. This farm is quite popular for its high-grade material, and some of its customers order products without paying a visit.

The authorities have implemented practices like root-prune, burlap dressing, and pre-fertilizing the field-grown stock to minimize the risk of shock. They can also grow specialty trees on the request of their clients. If you want, you can walk through the endless fields of Coconut, Birsmirk, and hundreds of other species to pick your favorites.

  1. Bekemeyer Family Farm, LLC

Initiated by Great-Grandpa & Great-Grandma Bekemeyer, this farmland is proud to be among the pioneers of local produce. The founders converted 20 acres of palmettos and pine trees into a citrus grove. The fourth generation in line has now replanted the citrus trees as the citrus greening disease ravaged the prior produce.

Many of their products grow in a vertical hydroponics system, and they ensure that they are utilizing environmental friendly pest control products. Now you can freely go out there and harvest your favorite fruit in your backyard.

  1. Heather Oaks Farms

To reach this farm, you have to take about an hour’s drive to the north. It offers U-pick blueberries and strawberries when the season is high. They have installed aquaponic plots where they can grow vegetables, which will grow all around the year. These include peas, kale, and tomatoes.

You can take a vegetable plant at home and nourish it under your care. Apart from adding beauty to the landscape, it gives you the advantage of growing your veggies right at your doorstep.

  1. Matlack Tree Farm

Ty Matlack, the owner of Matlack Tree Farm, has more than 45 years of experience in landscaping and horticulture. This farm has over 40 acres of fine oak, palms, crepe myrtle, and many others. The location is in South Florida, and they ship over the whole Southeast.

You can visit their website to survey the products and services they offer. The current reviews reveal that their customers are highly satisfied with the product quality. Plus, the fact that they focus on a personal touch with every customer makes them stand out in the market.

  1. Butler Tree Farm

Butler Tree Farm is in Lakeland, Florida. They specialize in large shrubs and trees. They own patent, above the ground, air-root pruned Florida Ring Containers. The farm offers that if you are looking to put something different in your local landscape, you can consider their topiary-shaped and unique ornamental trees. They also provide globe and egg-shaped trees.

This farm project started more than three decades ago, and they are well-reputed in the market. You can stop by their location and take a tour down the land to know more about their production methods.

  1. Walker Tree Farm

Walker Tree Farm is again a wholesale container-based farm. Its location is near Eustis, and they own more than 45 acres of land. It is also a family-based business that commits to providing standard trees to its valuable customers.

Their website states that they are growing through Rootmaker advanced container technology. This tech tends to promote strong, fibrous root systems and higher transplant survivability.

Final Word

There is a wide variety of farmhouses in Florida. Many entities have become active participants in the campaign that aims to make the state greener than ever before. You must scrutinize the market before you set out to make the purchase.

And if you come into contact with any other awesome farm, let us know.



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