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Road trips are popular at every season, especially in summer. You should think of many different things, like tickets, luggage, documents, snacks. It must be a big adventure for you and your friends. If you are going for a road trip, you should think of BMW car rental in Miami or somewhere in Florida. Southern regions are popular to visit this year. But, car rental is not the only problem to think about before you go:

  • Decide where you go and find a map
  • Pack clothes, water, snacks for the trip
  • Take your phone and charger
  • Ask rental company for GPS navigator
  • Pack your ID, driving license, credit cards

You are ready for traveling now!

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Do you really think that choosing the right music for your playlist and downloading Google maps on your smartphone is enough to make your road trip safe and comfortable? Still, there are lots of things to do and to think about before you go.

Don’t shout about your departure so as to be heard a mile away

Traditionally, people tend to share their plans and dreams. Do you want to share your plans about where are you going with friends? Great! But DON’T point your exact location. It is better to be secretive about the time, dates, and other details of your departure. Avoiding these facts, you can save your apartments from breaking in. It is enough to inform your relatives or close friends whom you asked to feed your cat this week.

Use protective sunscreen

Driving in hot weather you are under the risk to damage your skin. How? What damage? The sun rays penetrate the car facial window and burn your skin. You can protect the car windows with tinting. But the wind shield is still unprotected. So, don’t forget to use sunscreen when you are on driving in summer.

Be careful with stickers

That’s really finny when you decorate your auto with different stickers from the places you visited before. It tells people that you are an adventurous person and interesting to talk to. You know much about road trips. But also, it makes you an attractive object for local thieves. People look at your bright car and think it is full of valuable gear: souvenirs, electronics. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you have to hide from people and stay discreet. Just don’t overdo.

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Be careful when leaving car for parking

Whenever you go, you have to make stops from time to time for bath, sleep, and dinner. Sometimes, you have to park your vehicle at the roadside unprotected. Even when you leave your auto at the parking spot or garage, you should take care of it. How? There are many apps that help you to secure your car when you are not near. Just activate the app and if anything happens the device will let you know that with the help of a high-pitched siren. Everyone will hear.

Have a secret place to store your goodies

Having a camping trip, try to find a secret place in your car to keep your valuables. It can be your documents, rental agreement, and some extra cash. This is a place that is really difficult to find. And if someone broke in your car when you were absent, they would never find your goodies. Otherwise, you have to take all documents with you all the time.

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Think of your personal safety

Your personal safety is always in priority. No matter where you are and how old you are, you should protect yourself at all times of the day and night. We always think that bad things will never happen. But try to have a pepper spray in your pocket. This is minimum protection you can think of. Also, there are many self-protective apps that inform your friends or close people about your location. This is a great feeling that you are taking your safety in your own hands.

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Don’t be fool when hide your key and telephone

You always try to keep an eye on your keys. It must be easy to say but not so easy to do. There is no absolutely safe place for your keys. What if you go surfing, what would you do? Is there a good place to hide your keys? Try to be creative. But forget about hiding your key in the gas cap or in the hitch. This is the first place the thief look at when wants to break into your unprotected car.

Of course, you can add more tricks and hints to this list. Try to think about the safety measures before you go. It is very important to know and predict what may happen to your car at the camping parking or somewhere at the restaurant backdoor. As you can see, your personal safety is also important.

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