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Top 7 Tricks For Decorating Your Kids Bedroom

Decorating your child’s bedroom could be both a fun and daunting task. Every parent wants to create a unique space for their child that’s exclusively theirs. The question is: where do you start? 

Here are our top seven tricks to use as you get ready to take on this exciting task.

1. Let Them Have a Say

No matter how old your child is, you should consult her in your choices. Now, there’s a fine line between having a timeless princess bedroom and a space that looks like a glitter bomb went off in it. However, you can discuss some of the things she likes and come up with a few ideas together.

Keeping her preferences in mind, you can present a few rational options, allowing her to select her favorite. Together you can create a space that she could enjoy even as her tastes change.

2. Ensure That It’s a Comfortable Space

Having the perfect bedroom means nothing without comfort. Those at believe that choosing the best mattress for kids is incredibly important, primarily to ensure that growing bodies get good quality rest.

Top 7 Tricks For Decorating Your Kids Bedroom

3. Use Colors and Pictures Wisely

Every child loves the idea of painting pictures on their walls or applying attractive decals. While you may find them pleasing in daylight, they could cause havoc for the overactive imagination at night. A friendly dinosaur could look like a hungry monster in the dark.

The same consideration applies to the colors used. Certain tones could have adverse reactions on your child’s behavior, temperament, or his ability to settle at bedtime. 

Do some research about color psychology before settling on a palette, and consider how your chosen pictures may look at night. Remember that, while you’re creating a fun space for him to enjoy, it should also be a soothing environment for rest.

4. Consider Light and Sound

As with the colors used, you should look at the lights’ undertones in your child’s bedroom. These tones could also have an impact on her mental state. Using “black-out” drapes is an excellent idea, too, especially if there’s a bright streetlight outside the window. If your child still takes naps during the day, these are wonderful to create an ideal sleep environment.

If she’s a light sleeper, or you live in a noisy area, these drapes are handy in blocking out sound. Another trick for overall sound dampening is to use rugs. They’re also excellent for adding a bit of warmth to the room.

5. Get Creative With Shelving and Storage

The days of boring shelving or storage spaces are far behind us. Find some creative ideas to incorporate into your child’s bedroom decor. A toy trunk in a pirate room, a teddy hammock against a beach scene, or a floating shelf in a geometric design are excellent tips from expert designers.

Having some attractive yet functional storage ideas in place is a useful trick when teaching little children about packing their things away. It’s possible to bring some fun to their space with a couple of original ideas.

Top 7 Tricks For Decorating Your Kids Bedroom

6. Create Zones

To encourage development in all areas, you should ensure that your child’s bedroom is well balanced. Following the SPEL acronym is a simple way to ensure this. Ensure that he has an area to Sleep, sufficient space to Play, a cozy spot to Enjoy, and a stimulating section to Learn.

Having these zones ensures that your child has room to grow in every area of his life. 

7. Allow Room for Change

No matter how old your child is, there’s one thing you can be sure of: their preferences will change. As you’re decorating your child’s bedroom, allow as much room for change as possible. Avoid painting an extravagant mural of a whimsical fairy on your daughter’s wall, since she could develop an obsession with cats next month.

Top 7 Tricks For Decorating Your Kids Bedroom
Instead, opt to use replaceable elements such as decals while creating your masterpiece. You can remove them with ease when needed, without extra cost or potential property damage.

Final Thought

Whichever direction you decide to take in decorating your child’s bedroom, try to include them. While it may be hard to relinquish a bit of control, it could be a fun family experience. So hand over that paintbrush and let them in on the fun. It’s their space to enjoy after all.

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