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Summer is the time for a road trip! It’s the time for family vacations, beach weekend, and active leisure. Are you ready for the road trip? Enterprise DCA phone number is near at hand and you are ready to make a call and book the best convertible car as just as you pick dates. Is it enough?

Family vacation can be very difficult when it comes to food. Do you keep the diet and try to make your family members eat tasty and healthy? You know, it’s really problematic to keep the diet on the go. When it comes to food, you will be surprised how many food temptations you meet on the way, at every stop, street cafe, and petrol station. Look around! Fast food is everywhere! You can see much cheap and fast food variants, sweets, chips. Actually, fast food traps are waiting for you at every step!

Of course, you can ask your kids to wait for the next stop at the nearest restaurant. But, for better result, it is a good idea to take some food with you. Here is a list of simple and healthy snacks you can take with you. This food is made of fresh ingredients and can be named as HEALHTY.

Engineered salmon sandwich



Avocado sandwich with celery

This kind of sandwich is good for both, park hangout and home snack. You can take it with you when traveling as sandwiches are very popular to eat in the car or airport. If you need a healthy snack and you don’t have time to cook, make an avocado sandwich. You can add some eggs, salad, and pickled celery. Also, you can add seeds and wheatgrass. This vegetarian sandwich is just what you need to have a quick bite and don’t ruin the appetite before a restaurant.

Avocado sandwich with grilled vegetables

How about a new variation of a classic avocado sandwich? You can add some cheese, and grilled vegetables. How about grilled tomatoes? Just take grilled vegetables and roll it in a piece foil. It keeps your vegetables hot. Don’t worry if your dish is cold already. Avocado sandwiches are tasty even they are cold!

Brunch - Tomatensauce und Bruschetta


Hummus sandwich

What is hummus? This is a kind of paste, made of mashed chickpeas, lemon juice, garlic, and tahini. This paste is very aromatic and spicy. If you want, you can add some yogurt. All the rest is simple. Just put some hummus paste on the bread and add some yogurt. After that you can put the rest of the paste in the travel container and add some fresh vegetables. It can be a good snack on the go.

Hot beef sandwiches

Beef sandwiches are especially good to eat them hot. If you want to add some greenery, you can take some mustard cress and salad leaves. Crispy bread, hot beef, fresh salad – you can hardly find a better combination for a healthy snack.

Healthy avocado sandwich with cheese and dark bread


Apple sandwich with almond and Cheddar

This apple sandwich is good for kids and for everyone, who prefers fruits to vegetables. Just take some bread, apply some almond butter, sliced apple, spicy Cheddar, and juicy ham. Are you surprised? It is better to try it!

Egg sandwich with bacon

Egg sandwiches taste good with hot crispy bacon, some salad, and yogurt. Don’t compose sandwiches from home. Just put all ingredients into the hermetic box to keep them hot for long. Are you hungry? It takes a couple of minutes to open the container and make fresh sandwiches.

Chicken sandwich

Chicken and vegetables is a classic combination that suits your sandwiches the most. Just take some cold chicken, whole-wheat bread, sliced tomatoes, salad leaves, and some fresh tarragon. Of course, lunching with kids, avoid tarragon from their sandwiches. It’s too exotic for them.

Turkey paste

Turkey paste is made of Dijon mustard, sauce, herbs and spices, lemon juice, turkey, cheese, and vegetables. Want a pleasant bonus? You can make some carrot salad. Carrots and turkey complement each other.

vegetable and chicken wrap



Trail Mix

If you want some sweets, you can make a kind of healthy and fast snack. You should try a mix of sweet crackers and dry fruits. You can make it at home or buy ingredients in the road side market.

Chew Crispy Bars

This simple snack is good for all family members. When you are lost in the city searching for a restaurant, you can have a fast snack with the help of crispy bars. What do we have? Shortbread crispy cookies are covered with marshmallow and chocolate crisps. By the way, you can make these bars at home together with your kids.

Apple Zucchini Muffins


Almond bars

Of course, almond bars are usually made of many different and healthy ingredients, not almond only. You can take dry apples, coco nuts, honey. This is the best snack to satisfy hunger in the fastest and very effective way.

Orange and nuts muffins

You can take fruit muffins as a kind of light snack. Just pack your muffins carefully. If you count calories, try to make your dessert healthy with the help of nuts, honey, almond flour, and orange juice.

Of course, these snacks are not everything you can take with you. Thousands of recipes are waiting for you in the culinary books and internet pages. You can find what your family likes the most and make your trip not only interesting but healthy.

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