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The fashion industry is growing day by day and bringing the new concepts and trends on the ramp and social media platforms. Now, in the age of digital socializing, fashion and trends are evolving almost daily and making their way to the audience very easily. Due to rapid and speedy deliverance, people can see and follow the newest, stylish ones like Joyce Yeo’s classes. This is why all brands and makeup artists are extra active and always on the search for new ideas.

Makeup artists and Influencers are coming daily and creating looks to make their followers stick to their posts. Furthermore, many makeup artists, digital influencers, and stylists are launching their product lines also. This makes the business extra competitive and hard for everyone to be the leader. However, if we see 2019 backward, we can easily locate the most well-to-do makeup products and artists of the year. If you do not know who to follow and what tips to take, then here you can find some great makeup artists.


Pat McGrath is one of the most famous makeup artists and holding this title for a long time now. She has also landed in a vogue list of best makeup artist several times. However, she has not taken any degree and makeup training beforehand but just using her creativity and aesthetics in work. She is a great supporter of making innovative techniques at work and be experimental. One of the most famous looks she has created includes metallic neon and gold eyeshadow. Also, she has created multiple looks by using pearls, metals, diamonds and different sets of ornaments.

Additionally, she has collaborated with several international brands and created makeup ideas for them. These include Prada, Giorgio Armani, Miu Miu, Calvin Klien, and Balenciaga.


When it comes to making a list of the most famous makeup artists, then it is mandatory to add Bobbi Brown in it. Bobbi Brown is the makeup artist that changed the whole dynamics of the industry and brought new ideas to the table. She voiced the concerns that no one has done before.

She contributed to the field by adding healthy tips when she became the editor of Health magazine and lifestyle editor. She also owned a makeup line by the name of Bobbi Brown cosmetics and created the products that help in making creative ideas. The nude makeup look is another name for her makeup looks. Therefore, she is the first choice if you want to take inspiration daily.


She is a famous creative director and makeup artist and working for years and being named in ELLE magazine. She has collaborated with the Shiseido and Asian demographic and has created a makeup line. She is very famous for recreating a redesigning the old ideas and looks. And just by 2015, she became the most successful makeup artist, and her work landed in New York, best sellers.


Stan Winston is very famous in Hollywood and worked in various films as makeup artists. He has created looks for Iron man, Terminator, park films, Predator and several others. His style of working is a little different from Dick Smith when it comes down to breaking techniques and style creation. He has won an academy award for his contributions and formulating new techniques.


In our list of best makeup artists of 2019, Kevyn Aucoin holds the sixth position. He is an American makeup artist and photographer, hugely famous for creating sculpted looks. He has worked in Hollywood and with various fashion magazines including Vogue as the main one.

He is one of the most sought after makeup artists when it comes to creating the most artistic and new trends. Additionally, he has also worked with the Revlon and Vogue as a creative director. His famous makeup looks include creating old vintage beauty ideas; such as bold Marylin Monroe looks, Egyptian Cleopatra eyes, black and white soft skin, and 70s glitter starry eyes.


The other most famous and evergreen makeup artist will be Charlotte Tilbury. She has also launched her beauty brand by the name of Tilbury and launched a whole range of different products. Apart from being a makeup artist, she is also known as an influencer and worked with several fashion papers and magazines. Such as LOVE magazine, Vanity Fair, V magazine, and Brazilian Vogue.

She is a great supporter of nude looks and has created several looks that include light eyeshadows, vibrant lip colours and toned cheeks.


Dick Smith is one of the most highly followed makeup artists in Hollywood. He is famous for creating makeup looks in films like Taxi Driver, Godfather, Little big man, and Exorcist. He has also bagged an Academy Award for his work in 2012. Also, he has written a book that gives tips and tricks in the book called Do it yourself!


If you are looking to follow some great makeup artists and want to learn new tips and techniques, then John Chambers is the best choice. He has created his influence overtime and won an academy award for his contributions. He has revolutionized the makeup industry and created prosthetic techniques. His projects and movies include The Munsters, Mission Impossible, a man called horse and many other considerable names.


Rick Baker is another most famous name in the fashion and makeup industry. Mostly because of creating several experimental makeup and hairstyle looks. He is very famous when it comes to getting and gaining knowledge of creating artificial body parts and makeup effects. He has won an academy award and almost nominated eleven times in Oscars.


When it comes to creating the most renowned and trendsetter makeup artists of 2019, then we cannot leave the name of Gucci Westman behind. Mostly because of her work with the celebrities and Hollywood actors, including Drew Barrymore and Natalie Portman.

She is known for creating fashion runways looks and most experimental makeup looks. Many international magazines have featured her makeup looks and established that when it comes to creating a beautiful and stylish face, then no one can beat her.


Makeup trends and tips are always changing and keeping new coming makeup artists and fashion followers always active. No matter where you belong, you must know the great names of the industry so you can learn the basics from the most authentic sources.

These makeup artists are on the top for years and responsible for bringing new themes and trends in the scene. You must be less familiar with these names in comparison to Huda Kattan, Rihanna, and Kylie Jenner but you must know that the former ones are the trendsetters and generators of new hacks. However, beauty product owners are here to follow and integrate them into their brands.



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