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It is completely logical for you to want to dress your baby for sleep as comfy as possible. This way you both would be able to catch some sleep at night. There is a large variety of options when it comes to baby sleepwear.

It is important to choose safe baby sleepwear, especially for your newborn. Not everyone would choose the same option, though. By experimenting with different baby sleepwear you will find something you both love. Check out some options:

  • Sleep sacks – These are wearable blankets or baby sleeping bags. Sleep sacks are mostly used for layering. Ergo they are the perfect choice for a newborn. If you don’t know what exactly are sleep sacks they are like a bag with holes for the head and arms. You can take your baby in and out by pulling the zipper down. Sleep sacks act as a safe wearable blanket.
  • Sleeper gown – They are comfy one-piece pajamas that look just like a onesie. The difference is that sleeper gowns extend past baby’s feet, instead of three snaps at the bottom. With sleep gown diaper change in the middle of the night become pretty easy – with no snaps to take care of while your baby is crying.
  • Swaddle sleepers – Most of the newborns love to be swaddled. This helps them feel safe and warm. Just like when they were in their mother’s belly. Swaddle sleepers are similar to sleep sacks. They have wraps that secure each side. This will help your baby sleep longer through the night.
  • Footed pajamas – These are tight-fitting onesies that cover your baby’s feet. Usually, they are secured by buttons or zippers. Footed pajamas are made from a variety of material.

When you pick baby sleepwear, consider your baby’s age. Don’t, under any circumstances, put a blanket on your sleeping baby if he or she is under the age of 12 months. It is dangerous because the baby can overheat and suffocate. It is better to layer baby sleepwear so that your loved little one be at a comfortable temperature. Check your baby’s cheeks if flushed during sleep. This is a sign he/she is too warm. There are a lot of brands online with professional support. They will help you chose the best sleepwear. An example of a such brand is Pajamas for Peace.

Make sure the pajamas you choose for your little one are not too loose. Otherwise, they could come up over the baby’s head while sleeping and suffocate it. Cotton is perfect for layering and for warm days and nights because it is a breathable material. When the weather is cold, layer cotton pajamas under sleep sacks. Baby sleepwear should be tight-fitting.

For your infant to be safe and happy, while sleeping choose sleepwear that is appropriate for your baby’s age and it is tight-fitting. Pick something you both will love and don’t go for the cheapest option. It is important for your baby’s sleepwear to be comfortable and well-made so that you can avoid him or her getting rashes or other unwanted consequences.


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