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Latin America is large region starting from northern border of Mexico to the southernmost tip of Argentina. We have all heard about Rio de Janeiro and Mexico City, but there are many less known attractions for tourists. It is possible for you to enjoy your trip by staying away from touristy hotspots. As an example, Uruguay is a smaller country compared to its large neighbours. Its capital, Montevideo, looks like an Old World city with its shade casting sycamores and cobblestone streets. It’s a relatively new city, founded in 1911, after the country’s long succession of independence wars against Spain, Brazil, Argentina and Brazil. When visiting Uruguay, you should also go to Punta del Este, which is a glamorous resort town. Colonia del Sacramento is included in the UNESCO World Heritage list, which is among the earliest European settlements in South America. The town should become a quiet and beautiful getaway from the crowded Buenos Aires, Montevideo and Rio de Janeiro.

Panama is also less visited country in Central America, compared to its more popular neighbour, Costa Rica. In reality, Panama offers worldly culture, affordable prices and a modern metropolis, with US Dollars as its currency. Its economy is among the largest and fastest growing in Central America. Other than the Panama City, you may also Viejo Panama, which was a historic pirate haven in the 17th century. The Panama City itself is a hotbed of art galleries, cafes and restaurants. English is commonly used along with other popular languages in the area. The skyline of Panama City is replete with modern skyscrapers and due to its unique geography, it is possible for visitors to visit both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Another place that you should visit is the Chagres National Park, which is a popular home to artesian aquifers, lakes, rivers and lush rainforests. Colombia is also a less popular destination in Latin America that you should visit. Cartegena is far from being the largest city in Colombia, but it offers a wealth of history.

The Caribbean port is known as the center of trade and politic for centuries. Despite its vibrant history, Cartagena is now a sleepy town with its beautiful walls. Bogota was once notorious for its crime level and drug trafficking activities, but it is now significantly safer and a perfect place for many travellers to visit. Its historical districts and the Museum of Gold can be considered as prime attractions. You may also go to the oldest city in Colombia, Santa Marta. Belize is among the least known country in Latin America, which is known for its rich reef formations. The country’s coastal line is situated right in the middle of the MesoAmerican Barrier Reef System. So, it is clear that Belize is an impressive scuba diver’s paradise. Despite this fact, Belize continues to have fewer tourists than many of its neighbours. It is also the place for wildlife reserves and home to scarlet macaws and jaguars. It is also interesting to know that Belize is the only officially English-speaking country in the region.

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