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Understanding The Difference Between A Bidet and A Toto Washlet

If you have been to some Asian homes, you get an idea of how they try to keep themselves clean after doing business in the bathroom. One of the most noticeable toilet accessories is the use of bidets or a Toto washlet when keeping themselves fresh and clean. People might mistake one over the other, and the reason is that they have been stuck to traditional toilet paper without being aware of the other options.  

But what is the difference between a bidet and a washlet? And which one does a better job? 

Washlets are Easier to Install than Bidets

Washlets are sometimes called bidet toilet seats because of the way they sit on top of your toilet bowl. In a sense, they replace the original cover seat, providing the functionality of keeping your behinds clean after doing “business.”

One complete difference of a bidet and a washlet is the ability to save space. Bidets are exterior appliances that need to be hung while bidet toilet seats crop up on your toilet seats. If you have a limited toilet space, it would be much better to invest in the functionality of the Toto washlet than make a mess because you cannot reach the intended places. 

Bidets may be stand-alone fixtures, but a washlet is far more effective by limiting your movements while cleaning. Additionally, certain building codes must be met when using a bidet. There must be around 30 to 36 inches of space to allow for a comfortable movement. 

If you have a less than ideal toilet space, it is far better to opt for a Toto washlet because it is more convenient, space-saving, and will not require more space for movement. They are also the better choice for your powder rooms or small bathrooms that do not have enough space for a bidet.

Cost and Comfortability are Far Better when Opting for Washlets

Washlets range from a hundred dollars to a thousand, depending on its features and the type of accessory you want. A cold-water washlet is cheaper; usually costing lower than a comprehensive seat with temperature settings and a blow-dry.  

There are also newer models coming out in the market with an MP3 player and an auto-lid flush which takes your toilet experience to a whole new level. Bidets, on the other hand, cost anywhere from $300 to $500. They are simple fixtures and will not require too much overhead for maintenance. 

Regarding water consumption, both bidets and washlets use 1/8 gallons of water peruse. It will not require you to purchase toilet paper, saving you around $200 per year. And this takes into account the volume of water you use every time you do your business.

Washlets are Far Better with its Temperature Control Setting

Going to the bathroom during the wee hours and in wintertime can be distressing if you get a jolt of cold water hitting from your behind. Bidets usually do not have temperature control settings because it is directly connected to the main water source. 

But if you want a better experience, investing a little money on a washlet provides convenience. Most models have a thermostat for controlling the temperature of running water. It won’t give you that dreadful feeling of cold water suddenly detaching your soul and body because of frigid water temperatures.

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