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Kilometers of the highways, the inspiration of countless films, books and travel songs, the open top of a convertible, and the gorgeous landscapes outside the window – the romance of the road trip around America just fascinates.

The USA is a country that is ideal for traveling by car. Well-developed infrastructure and high-quality roads make it a great place to spend your holidays behind the steering wheel of a car. Do you want to experience it? All you need is to pick up the car through , turn up the perfect soundtrack and choose the desired route among the following iconic destinations…

Pacific Coast Highway

For those who are planning their first road trip to America it’s recommended traveling through California. Start your route in sunny Los Angeles and take the legendary Route 1 along the coast towards San Francisco.

You will be waited by magnificent views, beaches with sea lions, tasty seafood and surf beaches. Be sure to stop in such towns as Santa Barbara, Morro Bay, Monterey, Santa Cruz, Big Sur and Carmel.

Also, you can visit the Mystery Spot near Santa Cruz, where you will doubt the relevance of the gravity laws! Upon arrival in San Francisco, enjoy the rhythm of the big city, taste the wine from the nearby Napa Valley and finish your road trip in Yosemite or Sequoia National Parks.


Trip to the Canyons

For nature lovers, the best route is a trip through the legendary canyons of the United States. You can also start the route in Los Angeles, and then head towards the canyons of Zion and Bryce.

You will be amazed by the alien landscapes and the completely unusual one-story America. Stop in Las Vegas, where you will be back for a short time to civilization in all its manifestations – the bright lights of the casino, 24/7 pool parties, shops and delicious restaurants.

Then you can immerse in nature again by sunbathing at Lake Powell in Glenn Canyon. It’s advisable to take incredible photos in the Antelope Canyon and continue the route to the world famous Grand Canyon.

You should definitely stay there at least a few days for enjoying scenic hikes and the most beautiful sunsets in the world. Sunny San Diego is the final destination of the route – it will be a nice idea to spend there several days before returning to LA.


Route 66

Experienced travelers and fans of long-distance trips are attracted by America’s most legendary road Route 66, which connects two coasts. Officially, it starts from Chicago and ends at Santa Monica Pier in LA.

This route will take at least 3 weeks, but you will get impressions for the whole year ahead. The peculiarity of this route is that the historic Route 66 runs through very beautiful places, sometimes connecting with the modern highway. You need to follow the black and white signs of the Historic Route 66, and then you will all the time be surrounded by a gorgeous picture in the car window.

On the way, you will see unusual motels – for example, Wigwam Motel, as well as unique authentic towns. Don’t be afraid of big journeys – they are the main ingredient for getting unforgettable impressions. The constantly changing landscape outside the window will create the illusion that you are a hero of an American film.


New York-to-Miami Road Trip

Another cool road trip around the US can be experienced on the route New York – Miami. It’s especially great to try it in the winter to start in cool New York and finish on the beach in Miami.

If you wish, you can make a detour and visit Niagara Falls. Then there’s historic Washington, a tour of CNN Studio in Atlanta, a Forrest Gump bench in Savannah, attractions and amusement parks in Orlando and Miami beaches. From Miami, you should go to the Everglades crocodile park or take a safari to Lions Park.

From Miami, be sure to go to the southernmost region of the United States — to Key West Islands, which are connected to Miami by an incredible bridge across the ocean.


Exploring Snowy Alaska

Alaska is one of the few parts of the planet untouched by civilization. Let it seem cold, severe, and deserted, but with proper preparation it will give the traveler the most vivid impressions. Alaska has really something to show: more than two dozen national parks, national reserves full of volcanoes, waterfalls, magnificent birds and animals are waiting for travelers.

The impressive Dalton Highway runs through one such reserve. This road is considered to be the most isolated in the world. Crossing the very heart of the state, it’s always covered with snow, and its ending is already beyond the Polar Circle. Along the way, drivers will have to overcome a lot of steep ascents and descents, but these difficulties are the key to admire virgin forests, gorgeous mountain ranges and endless arctic tundra.

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