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What do we consider while choosing a fence for our home? Colors, Texture, design, material, the climate of our surrounding area, etc.  

Isn’t that enough? Yes, it’s enough to satisfy your aesthetic requirements and security needs, but that’s not all.  

What’s more? 

Consider durability and lifespan too. Determining these attributes is a must. There are several kinds of wood, such as pine, cedar, etc. and each one has a different life span.  

As per observation, cedar has the most extended lifespan of up to 15 to 30 years. While spruce last only for 4 to 7 years maximum. Similarly, when fences are regularly exposed to harsh weather conditions and poor maintenance, it may rot, click, and split.  

What’s the reason behind it? The material of the fence is not highly durable at all. 

Then how to check the durability and longevity of the fence? For this, the best way is to understand different types of fence material first. So you can choose as per your requirements and can check the features mentioned above.  

Different Types of Wood Fence 

  • Cedarwood Fence 

Cedarwood is native to the American northwest and Canada.  

Much durable, having 30+ years of life span. It easily bears harsh weather conditions and is naturally resistant to insects and decay processes. As a downside, it’s quite expensive and takes numerous coats of paints to cover its original color. 

  • Pine Fence 

Pinewood grows abundantly in different parts of the US. It’s resistant to shock and soft, which makes it one of the best choices for fences. The primary color of pinewood is in the creamy white shade that makes it easier to coat with any color. The pinewood fence usually lasts longer for up to 20 years. 

  • Oakwood Fence 

Oakwood is from the hardwood family and is found mostly in the northern hemisphere. It is considered to be the most durable type of wood. It has a grainy texture with a highlight so, you may need just a coat of shiny material. Nothing more is required. Due to oxidization, it also darkens over time. Its average lifespan is more than 50 years. 

  • Cypress Wood Fence 

Cypress wood is also from the hardwood family and is found in Southern America.  It has straight grains in texture, which make it less durable than other types. It is insect and rot-resistant in nature. One of its downsides is smell sensitivity caused due to it. Its lifespan is around 7 to 10 years. 

So, these were some different types of wood you may use in your fence construction. If you don’t feel confident enough, then hire any fence construction company for consultancy. There are approx. 50,155 fence construction companies in the US. 

Some other factors play a vital role in its longevity. Have a look at them too. 

Factors affecting Wood Fence Longevity 

  • Climate 

Humidity and extreme temperature affect severely on wood fence. These harsh conditions may lead to the permanent decay process too. One has to take care a lot and give particular maintenance time to it so as avoid early decay.  

  • Installation 

It is essential to choose a good type of wood for a fence. But at the same time always choose good and suitable lumber available for it too 

It’s necessary because if you don’t install it properly, you won’t get the longevity and durability you want. Remember fence’s pickets and panels shouldn’t be at the ground level. That particular space is kept left for potholes. 

  • Maintenance 

If you want your wood fence to last as long as it is possible, you have to take care of it religiously. If you can’t do it, nobody can guarantee you a good lifespan for it. You should paint it and give several coats before installation. The best practice is to reapply stain after a year or two and reapply entire paint every five years. 

Always watch out regarding rooting in the fence too. The best thing which preserves you from it is the wood preservative. Make your wood fence away from any moisture as much as possible. Try to cut down the bushes and wild grass growing abundantly around the fence. It should be in a suitable length and area. 

Final Words 

Always look for an expert or professional before installation of the fence if you haven’t done it earlier.  

Ask as many questions you want and come up with the best wood quality suiting your needs. 

Similarly, take tips about the maintenance from the professionals as well. You never know what kind of products are in trend, how climate would react to your wood fence.  

It’s better to ask someone experienced in that field. And last but not least, try giving at least half an hour to your wood fence in a week so, you check if there’s any rot, crack or breakage and how to deal with it. 

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  • You caught my attention when you talked about how long oakwood fences can last. Having an aesthetically pleasing fence that also lasts long sounds like a worthwhile investment for me, even if it may darken a bit over time. I’ll look for any fence contractors in the area that can help me install one of these oakwood fences for sure.


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