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During our trip, we are often amazed by a majestic landscape and we often wish that we have something much better than the puny camera at the back of our smartphone. Not only that we won’t be able to capture the moment entirely, we will also miss the action scenes. Many amateur travelling photographers are camera snobs. They may even possess more impressive photography arsenal compared to professional photographers, due to their flexible budget and complete eagerness to obtain the best photographic results. After a few months, their camera snobbery could eventually subside when they realize about the impracticality of their photography methods. They may end up using iPhone 7 or other high-end smartphones to quickly snap an object, if they don’t have time to get the DSLR out of their bag.

DSLR should be appropriate for objects that don’t go anywhere. There are big places that we can visit. Amazing sights can be seen in many places. However, diverse culture can be represented by high-speed actions, such as fast moving dances. In this situation, it is better to use high quality smartphones with good cameras. It is debatable whether you should use pocket cameras, because iPhone 7 and other high-end smartphone models could already provide you with good results. Of course, you shouldn’t spend a few hundred dollars for high-end cameras. Many travellers prefer to use affordable smartphones to simplify their photographic tasks. However, it can be really hard to pick up the camera from the bag. You should be aware that photographic devices have steep price mark-up compared to other electronic devices.

In cultural places with live performance that can happen quickly, you may need to use smartphone, because it is more compact and you can manoeuvre much more easily. You need to compare pictures between those taken using DSLR, compact cameras and smartphones. In many cases, you don’t see distinct differences, although DSLR will always provide the best results and you will see many more details. For casual purposes, such as social media, iPhone 7 and other smartphones are already more than enough. In fact, it is arguable whether amateur photographers need to use comprehensive DSLR solutions, because they won’t need the extra features and capabilities. There are many affordable SLR cameras that are relatively compact and can be carried very easily.

With highly portable and more compact SLR, you should be able to deal with sudden surprises. When we encounter new actions, we will be able to quickly grab the SLR camera that hangs conveniently in front our chest. Carrying a professional DSLR with this method will cause you to have sore neck. Fine photography is often about using the right kind methods and tricks. A casual SLR camera should be able to provide you with great results, if you use common sense, as well as basic photography rules. If you plan to become an amateur travelling photographer, you should focus more on how to use the proper techniques. You don’t need to employ expensive cameras, which are overkill for many travels.

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