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Where To Go Near Edinburgh? 5 Ideas For Your Car Trip

Edinburgh is a beautiful and quiet city with a lot to see. In just a few days you can see Edinburgh Castle, walk the Royal Mile, and test your endurance by walking on the rugged terrain of Arthur’s Seat. Yes, the number of bright and inviting landmarks on the Edinburgh skyline is just impressive! But what about enjoying something new and less familiar? The Edinburgh surroundings will leave no one indifferent, especially if you hire a car and explore them thoroughly. The picturesque coastline, mountainous landscapes and fairytale castles in the city suburbs are surely worth visiting, while your vehicle will be comfortable and safe transport under local lockdown regulations. So, let’s check where to go near Edinburgh?…

St. Abb’s Head

Where To Go Near Edinburgh? 5 Ideas For Your Car Trip

St. Abb’s Head is the cape that formed on the site of an extinct volcano. This place is a very successful observation deck, from where a mesmerizing panoramic view of the coast opens up.

The area is famous for its unspoiled nature, and the diversity of the underwater world is striking. Moreover, it’s not at all necessary to have underwater glasses to see some of its representatives – the water here is so clean and transparent that some marine creatures are visible right from the shore.

Greenknowe Tower

This unique structure is located on a small hill west of Gordon. Greenknowe Tower is an excellent example of a defensive building that was erected several hundred years ago. Thick walls with small loopholes and three round towers at the roof level look massive and menacing

From the top of the tower, you can admire the opening landscape and take some beautiful photos. The site is easy reachable by car hire – keep the way along the A6105 motorway leading to Earlston. Need a car? Arnold Clark rental Edinburgh is ready to provide you with a large selection of cars for any need. So, your trip will be not only memorable but also comfortable.

Linlithgow Palace

In the XV-XVI centuries Linlithgow Palace was one of the main residences of Scottish monarchs. After the seat of government was moved to England in 1603, Linlithgow was practically not used, and in 1746 it was burned by soldiers of the Hanoverian army. Nowadays, despite the ruined roof and dilapidated walls, the Royal Palace looks majestic and grandiose! Hire a car and it will take not more than 20 minutes to go from Edinburgh to Linlithgow.

Falkirk Wheel

You can enjoy a boat ride, see a special Scottish architectural monument or just have a great day off by visiting the Falkirk Wheel. Falkirk Wheel is a unique rotating structure. It was built to connect the Fort Clyde and Union canals and is the world’s first ship lift of its kind.

The spot is situated on the road between Edinburgh and Glasgow, so car hire will be the simplest way of getting there.

Inveraray Castle

It’s not without reason that the Inveraray Castle is called “The Castle from a Fairy Tale”. Built of stone of a rare greenish-blue hue, with jagged towers and semicircular windows, against the backdrop of a magnificent mountain landscape, it really looks amazing.

To this day, the castle is the residence of the ancient Campbell family, so only non-residential premises are available for tourists. Despite this, the richness and beauty of the interior solutions of even these rooms is really impressive! The castle can is situated northwest of Edinburgh and you will get to it by car from Edinburgh in approximately two hours.

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