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When we clean our home with commercially-available household cleaning items, rarely do we ever think how much trust we put into these products. They are, after all, cleaning your house, a place that you stay in the most.

However, the level of acute cleanliness that these products can be unnecessary and harsh on not only ourselves but to our environment as well. Luckily, greener alternatives have popped up in the market to answer to the growing concern on our cleaning products.

If you still haven’t gone green with your household cleaning practice, then this article may convince you to turn over a new leaf.

It’s the road to a healthier home

Using eco-friendly cleaning products don’t only help clean your home. They also help make your home a healthier place to live in.

You will be surprised how much toxicity your average home-cleaning products bring into your home. A simple check of their ingredients list can tell you exactly how dangerous their products can be for the health of your home. For eco-friendly conscious, it is also crucial to check that you are not lying on toxic chemicals if you use adjustable beds for sleeping or just simple mattress in your room.

As some of these products can have a lot of adverse side effects on your overall health, it is important to find alternatives. Ideally, an alternative product does the same work without compromising your health and being bad for the environment.

If you want to have better products, there are ways to know which ones are good and which ones aren’t. According to MaidSailors, leading Eco Friendly Cleaning NYC, you can just look for the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s Safer Choice label that lets you know whether the product is safe for human health and environmental health.

It protects the environment

As the years go by, we find that our environment is deteriorating at an alarming rate. This is why one of the most important reasons why you should use more green products into your home and start decorating your yard with it to help and save the environment.

Green products are not just products that do not harm the environment upon being used. They are also products that are made through sustainable processes and practices.

Avoid using products that have non-biodegradable ingredients that are harmful to our environment in the long-term. Instead of using these products, use green cleaning products that are made with biodegradable materials and do not harm the environment but still does the same job well.

You’ll save more money

Going green doesn’t have to mean that you are required to buy the more expensive product alternative to show that you care for your environment. A cheaper option to purchasing a product is making it yourself.

Why shop for cleaning products when you can use readily available household items? There are many recipes available on the internet that you can make with ingredients readily available in your home.

A recipe for an all-purpose cleaning product is half a cup of white vinegar, two tablespoons of baking soda, and ten drops of lemon juice. Mix the liquids before adding the baking soda then top off the spray bottle with water, and you have yourself a quick all-purpose cleaner.

You know what’s actually in the products

A product’s ingredients list is only a hint to consumers of what goes into the products that they are using. Unfortunately, some household cleaning products don’t enumerate the full list of items that they put into their products.

On the other hand, green household cleaning products are more open and transparent about their ingredients. It is a point of pride for a lot of them what ingredients they use.

Also, if you make the cleaning products at home by yourself, there’s no need to wonder what goes into a product. After all, you’re the manufacturer!

Green cleaning products do the job effectively

The fear people have with green cleaning products is that they do not clean as well as the usual ones do. Much like any cleaning product, some do work well while some don’t.

In the case of eco-friendly products, it is similar to any old cleaning product. It does the job as good as the usual ones do but with the added benefit of being good for the environment.

Also, most green cleaning products are multi-purpose. They don’t have specific usages like one for windows and one for your furniture which is good because it saves you money.

It naturally cleans and improves indoor air

A lot of people suffer from long-term or short-term health degradation from air pollution. If you think you’re safe at home, then you’ve got another thing coming. Sometimes, indoor air can be even more polluted than outdoor air.

This is why it is extra important to know how to improve air quality at home. An NYC Cleaning Service once said, “with the right eco-friendly cleaning products, you can help improve the quality of air at home.”

Do you know what is one cheap, air quality improving item you can add in your home? Plants! They help beautify the place while improving your indoor air for cheap.

Green cleaning products have lesser antibacterial in them

It may be surprising to know, but anti-bacterial products may be dangerous for you. The reason being their left-behind residues.

Stuart Levy says in an article on Scientific American that when an antibacterial product leaves behind some residue, it can foster an environment for resistant bacteria to grow in.

With green cleaning products, there is less of overdosage on antibacterial properties in them. They aren’t as indiscriminate with their cleaning prowess.

Wrapping it up

When you transition into a greener lifestyle, you transform your home into a healthier place for yourself and others who live with you. Aside from making a healthier home, you are doing your part in caring for the earth by using eco-friendly products to clean your home.

If you still haven’t made the change, there’s still time now. The best part about going green is that it’s easy to do right at this moment and you can start with how you clean your home. Going green is not only good for your house but also our home planet.

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