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People are often confused when it comes to choosing the right cardio exercise. These exercises may include swimming, running, kettlebells, elliptical and many others. And, if all exercise tools can produce similar results, then what is so distinctive about the Assault Air Bike, which sets it apart from others!?

The Assault Air Bikes are a splendid choice for those who found it difficult or unenjoyable to practice running consistently, rowing or other similar exercises. The Assault Air Bike, therefore, is their reliable companion that modifies their routine workout. Especially for those who have rolled ankle or a hip strain, the Assault Air Bike provides with a safe and easy option to smoothly maintain their workout routine.

The Assault Air Bike is an efficient tool that has the potential to assist the rehabilitation process without the worry of any adverse movement impact. Also, it helps in improving the effective blood circulation, aiding in quick recovery of the person.

Increases Your Mental Toughness

The Assault Air Bike is also recommended to the people by health experts for metabolic conditioning. This is because it greatly assists in breaking through the plateaus during workouts. Moreover, the Assault Air Bikes help greatly in building the aerobic capacity of an individual without wanting him to lose muscle strength. People can make the most of Assault Air Bike by incorporating it in their interval training routine.

There’s no denying the fact that the Assault Air Bike is a great tool to enhance your mental workout. It does so by specifically boosting your will power when you use it in intense mode. This way, the Assault Air Bike can do wonders for your mental toughness, thus, motivating you to embrace more positive vibes in your lifestyle.

Even though ordinary bikes can also help in active recovery and good health benefits, they demand more dedication and consistent practice to yield you gainful results. Especially for those individuals for whom mobilization is a bit challenging, the Assault Air Bikes can not only benefit them in getting rid of sore muscle spots, but also, it can be instrumental in speeding-up their recovery process.

However, by all means, one should be careful in the initial days of the workout and avoid high-intensity sprinting. A slightly moderate pace will set you on the track of improvement and benefit you with thriving results.

Accelerate Your Rehabilitation Process

The Air Assault Bikes can also be used as an effective gym warm-up tool. The efficient flow of blood helps you in performing the rest of your exercises with 100 per cent potential and maximize your daily capacity. Furthermore, the Air Assault Bike is a tremendous remedy to overcome rehab challenges as it ensures the swift movement of your strain muscles without putting any extra exertion on them.

However, it is always recommended to consult your coach or therapist before indulging yourself in regular Air Assault Bike exercises.

If you are not familiar with using the Assault Air Bike previously, you must consider the advice of a professional instructor who can improve your chances in achieving the desired health results.

Efficient Utilization of Energy

Every exercise you perform has good implications on your physique if done the right way. No one would want to waste his/her efforts and return home completely demotivated. All kinds of exercises utilize oxygen to generate energy by breaking down glucose in your body. When you are performing an intense session of exercise, the glucose in your body degenerates faster, and a rapid supply of oxygen is needed to catalyze the recovery process. And when enough supply of oxygen is not available at the very moment, your body produces a substance called lactate to use as glucose alternative by converting it subsequently to energy without the use of oxygen.

However, this substance lactate or lactic acid has the tendency to build up, which can cause adverse effects when mixed in your bloodstream; thus, it must be burned off quickly. But, when you use the Assault Air Bike, your entire body is involved in the workout, hence hindering the waste of excess fatigue, which in return, doesn’t allow the lactic acid to build up.

Just like any other exercise, it is essential to make use of the Assault Air Bike smartly in order to extract maximum gains. In this protocol, the first task is to focus on improved pacing. We can have a better idea of our suitable pace and duration after a few observations. If we decide to go all out in the initial session of sprinting, then we will do no good to our body, as it is unable to utilize the fatigue appropriately. This is why maintained pace for a limited period of time is necessary.

Whole Body Workout

The other vital step is to make maximum use of your legs and arms until we are advised to pause. Usually, people believe that giving their arms or legs a break during the momentum of workout is a good idea. In fact, resting your arms or legs is never a wise decision, especially when the fatigue is built-up inside your entire body. This is because the fatigue is meant to hit those areas regardless of them being in the state of rest; so, it is better not to waste the momentum and make the best out of it.

Also, a poor posture can ruin all your hours-long effort. Therefore it is necessary to put your arms in the correct posture while paddling with your legs. This way, you can achieve better results by not exhausting your legs uselessly. During the process, most of us are guilty of leaning or gyrating our body, which only has bad repercussions on the entire workout. People might argue that their non-consistent posture is due to the intensity of their sprint; however, it must be considered that keeping an upright posture for maximum duration renders the most effective output.


The mantra of No Pain, No Gain is equally relevant when it comes to the Assault Air Bike. With its low-impact high-result features, this cardio machine combines the arm-action and leg force to pristine effect. Although it is not the only calorie-burning tool around, the Assault Air Bike is rated in the top-tier because of its innate qualities such as improving metabolism, cardio health, and building grit.

Also, the machine can easily be incorporated into one’s daily workout routine, thus, encouraging the cardio lovers to take-on new physical and mental challenges.

Just when a person manages to burn 13 calories per minute while rowing and up to 11 calories while running; with Assault Air Bike, he incredibly burns more than 50 calories in a minute during an intense sprint.


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