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Eco-Friendly Environments

A lifestyle or just a trend

Healthy food, a vegan lifestyle and mediating. Over the past few years, many have added the latter to their lives in an attempt to replace it with the bad-habits in order to live a heathier life. Whether it is a trend or an adopted lifestyle, is debatable. What is certain, is that we are all becoming more aware of the consequences of an unhealthy life and environment.

Working conditions

Not only regular people, but also businesses have implemented an eco-friendly workplace. When it comes to the growing companies, for instance, most of them have implemented sustainability. Many huge corporations as well as small firms, do not shy away from advertising that they are environmentally conscious. It is a way of giving back to the community and showing respect to mother nature. They make use of recycled, second-hand, abandoned, or just old office furniture. From recycled desks to whale tail chairs and eco-friendly meeting chairs, sustainable workplaces  are being established with pride.

To fully work in a sustainable workplace, more than just the office furniture should be taken into account. Employees should be encouraged to come to work by carpooling, using public transport or, if possible, by using the bicycle. The latter is the most active way, but also the least favorite due to different weather conditions and the distance between home and the workplace. Furthermore, businesses should consider to do the meetings through video-calling in order to reduce even more risks from having to transport from and to the meeting.

To look at the issue in much greater detail, when printing, the default settings need to be changed so that the printing is being done both-sided rather than ones-sided. The paper used should be FSC certified, as it guarantees that the resources for the process of papermaking are sustainable. FSC certified products have a minimal impact on the earth’s natural resources. Also, disposable products like plastic bags, not chargeable batteries and plastic pens should be avoided or replaced by cups of glass, chargeable batteries and pencils. Office or any kind of waste, should be dealt with and sorted thoughtfully. Used batteries could be taken to a collection point instead of the trashcan, and all plastic should be collected in the same waste containers.

Choose wisely by choosing green

Without doubt, environmental changes will not happen overnight. However, it is of main importance to remember that every little bit helps. Not only the well-being of the citizens is being sustained, but also the prosperity of the environment and economy. In 2020, therefore, it has become a shame not to take the eco-friendly option when getting offered a greener choice


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