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Our Guide to Trimming Your Eyebrows

Trimming your eyebrows is important if you want to keep your brows in tip-top shape. If you find they’re a little overgrown between appointments, knowing how to trim them yourself will help you look your dazzling best. So, put the kitchen scissors down and pay attention as we take you through this handy guide on how to trim your eyebrows like a pro. 

How to trim your brows at home 

You need to start with some scissors. Small, curved scissors are ideal for trimming those straggly hairs that can easily make your brows look messy. EyebrowQueen’s precision scissors are just what you need and come with a super fine curved tip. In other words, they’re perfect for plucking those unruly hairs from your brow. Next on your list should be a spoolie brush, which allows you to brush any unruly brows back into place. The finer, the better, as it will give you total control over the shape of your brows. The third and final piece of equipment you need is a mirror. It’s best not to use a magnifying mirror, as this can encourage you to become scissors happy! A standard mirror will do the trick nicely.

Keep things simple and take your time

When you’re trimming your eyebrows, it’s so important to take your time and not rush the process. If you go too fast, you will create problems for yourself. So, set yourself up in a well-lit room and start by brushing your eyebrows downwards. This is necessary as it will help you identify unruly hairs from the outset. You can then carefully trim the hairs that are not in sync with the others. Next, brush your brows upwards and into the desired shape with your spoolie brush. Some people also draw their brows in shape at this stage, as doing so helps to keep things in line. You need to also remember that you’re not trimming a hedge! Don’t just cut across the length of your brows, and treat the hairs in isolation where possible. The key thing to remember is that you’re trimming, not cutting your brows, so don’t go overboard.

Trim your brows to perfection 

To help you trim your brows like a pro, make sure you have all the accessories you will need at home to get the job done. Although we’ve said it already, don’t be tempted to use a magnifying mirror, as you don’t want to get carried away with trimming. Otherwise, the above tips should help you trim your eyebrows in the right way, regardless of the style that you’re hoping for. As such, trimming your brows should be more than sufficient in the time between appointments and will save you money in the long run.


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