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First-Time Pregnancy: Tips New Moms Should Follow

Becoming a mom is the most beautiful thing in the world and although this period brings a lot of unknown situations, it is also the time when new moms learn so much about their bodies and mental health. Being pregnant for the first time makes new moms research everything related to their pregnancy and babies, and learn what every new stage of this process will bring. This joyful time requires a lot of preparation to be sure your first days of motherhood are filled with happiness and totally stress-free.

You’re pregnant, but still alive

Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you should stop doing everything you’re used to doing. If you have a healthy pregnancy and aren’t facing any complications, you can continue doing pretty much everything you were doing before getting pregnant. If you’re active and always on the go, just lower the tempo a bit and continue running errands normally. In addition to that, you can continue going to the gym or enjoy long walks, just be cautious not to hurt yourself. Many moms say that staying active during pregnancy helped them during labor and those first months with the baby because it required a lot of strength.

Eat right, not for two

This is one of the biggest mistakes a pregnant woman can make. You’ll hear people telling you to eat for two because now you have to pay attention to your baby. This is the biggest illusion when it comes to pregnancy because you have to pay attention to what you eat and the amount of food you have each day. It’s important to eat right and make sure you eat the right food that will boost your energy and prevent you from putting on too much weight. Just calculate the number of pounds an average baby weighs and how much you would gain if you ate for two during your pregnancy.

You’re never alone

So many women have already gone through the same situations as you and you can learn so much from their experience. One of the best ways to make sure that you’re up to date with everything is to connect with fellow mums and gather as much information from them as you can. This is where the Mumli motherhood app comes in handy by helping you to connect and read different experiences so you can be prepared for everything in advance. There are many tips and shared stories that can be resourceful and you can see how different women dealt with the same situations.

Make a labor plan

Although you can’t quite plan your labor to the smallest details, you can do as much as you can to prepare both yourself and your partner for that process. You’ll want to feel safe and special during this event so it’s always better to plan different scenarios to know how to deal with them. By knowing what anyone involved needs to do, you’ll feel calmer once the time comes and you’ll avoid additional stress. Let everyone who’s included in the process know their roles and tell them what you need them to do.

Enroll in a childbirth or yoga class

What no one can prepare you for are the amount of pain and worry you’ll be facing during the labor. If you know how to breathe properly and work through the pain, though, you’ll save yourself from everything that could happen in this situation. Pregnancy yoga will be beneficial because it will show you how to breathe, relax, and take your mind off the pain. On the other hand, childbirth classes are a great opportunity to learn more about breastfeeding, changing diapers, and what you’ll need to have to welcome your baby at home. These are all beneficial to become more prepared because some things are always better to do in person with someone there to show you what you’re doing right and what you need to improve.

Being pregnant for the first time is a blessing because you don’t know your future yet, and you can relax and think about your baby. The most important thing is to relax and think positive thoughts because these nine months fly by so quickly and all of a sudden your little bundle of joy is with you!


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