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Brisket is always special to everyone. Most people serve it on any occasion with their friends and families. But it will look so bad if you cannot slice the brisket properly.
People slice brisket in many ways but I need to mention that some of them are just wrong. Like many people slice the brisket with rather than against the grain. But it’s the wrong way to slice the brisket. So here I will explain how you should slice the brisket and serve in a nice way. 

About brisket: 

There is something you should know first about brisket. The whole brisket is made up of two muscles; the point and the flat. The last defense to slice tough brisket is to slicing perpendicularly to the grain of the muscle. When The brisket will be perfectly smoked, it will be tough and stringy if it is sliced parallel to the grain. But there is a tricky thing that, the grain of the point and flat runs in different directions. Also, they sit on top of each other. So it is a bit confusing to slice the brisket.[

How to slice brisket:

So for avoiding all the trouble, here I will give you some easy tips on slicing brisket in a nice manner. 

  • Cutting the brisket crosswise: 

When your brisket is cooked, keep it in a beauty rest.  After keeping your brisket in rest for a while, cut it crosswise into 2 sections. One is Flat and the other one is the Point. Using a brisket knife is preferred to do it properly. 

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  • Trim the excess fat:

If the brisket has extra fat on top of it, then trim those. You can collect those if you want for further use.
Don’t trim all of them. I prefer to keep a little fat with it because it adds some flavor. But if you don’t like this, you can trim them all. 

  • Cut off the tip: 

Sometimes some portion of the meat becomes overcooked. Just cut off the dry hard part. People actually love to eat a juicy and tender piece of steak. Also, if you want, you can dice the dry hard part to serve it as burnt ends. It is also a tasty part.  

  • Slice the brisket flat

Now you got the flat part, slice it across the grain. Do not think about slicing parallelly with the grain. The majority of people do the same mistake here.   

  • Cut the brisket point section

After that, take the point section and cut it in half widthwise. Like the flat part similarly, you have to cut the point section of the brisket against the grain. 

Do you know why we should cut the brisket against the grain? Because it is full of muscle fibers running parallelly to each other. If you cut it with the grain, every slice will contain long threads of fiber. Even if it’s cooked perfectly, the meat will seem chewy and tough. On the other hand, if you cut the meat against the grain and make it perpendicular slices, it will contain shortened fibers that will make the meat more tender and easier to chew. Also, read – gift basket ideas.

If you face trouble to find the grain in tender steaks, just take a close look at the cooked meat and look for long lines. When you find them, set your knife in a “T” shape with the fibers and slice against the grain.

  • Slice the brisket point into pieces: 

So after cutting the point section in half, slice them into pieces. Here also make sure slicing them against the grain. As I said before, this will cut the fiber and help to chew with a tender feel. 

  • Thickness: 

Maintaining the proper thickness is very important while you are slicing a brisket. A proper slice of a Texas-style barbecued brisket will be about the thickness of a pencil.

So here is the easy way to slice the brisket in a nice manner and you can serve it properly with your friends and family. I hope now you know how to slice your delicious brisket. And if you like to do some homemade business then you can also easily sell brisket online on various food selling platforms and can make money online.

Happy Cooking!!!

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