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In Morocco, the oil is often used as a culinary delight served over couscous or on a plate for dipping bread. The fact that this oil is edible gives a great indication of how natural and free of toxins this product really is.


Argan Oil in Cosmetics

Argan oil has been a favored ingredient for a variety of cosmetic products in recent years. Once you learn the benefits of argan oil, the reason for the hype becomes apparent. This deeply nourishing oil is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, as well as vitamins and minerals. In recent years, coconut oil has made waves in the natural beauty industry as a cure-all treatment for skin, teeth, and hair. However, many users find that coconut oil is too greasy, leaving an unpleasant residue, compromising the integrity of their makeup, and blocking pores.

Enter argan oil, a substance that all makeup aficionados should add to their makeup kit. Read on to discover the benefits of argan oil and why you should make it a part of your makeup routine.


What is Argan Oil?

Argan oil is an oil expressed from the nut of the argan tree, a plant that’s endemic to Morocco. The kernels are harvested and pressed to extract this aromatic essence. The extraction process is laborious, with workers cracking the external shell and roasting the individual kernels by hand.

For frequent makeup users, argan oil can offset the drying impacts of foundation and lipstick, both when used in conjunction with cosmetics and as a part of a skincare routine.


How to Use Argan Oil with Makeup

There are a few ways to make argan oil a regular part of your makeup routine. Here are a few ways you can integrate argan oil for a fresh, damage-free makeup application.



The best way to use this product is as a primer for your foundation and makeup. Unlike coconut oil and oil-based moisturizers, this type of oil has a rapid absorption rate. Applying this oil leaves a silky, smooth palette for your makeup artistry.

After cleansing and exfoliating your face, apply a few drops of argan oil, and distribute evenly over the skin. Allow two minutes for the remaining product to dry, then proceed with your regular makeup application. When it comes to using argan oil, less is more. Be sure to spread the oil down to the neck as well for an even finish.


Makeup Removal

Rather than using ultra oily makeup removers that thwart your evening skincare routine, use argan oil. While this oil lacks the same greasy feel, it acts as an effective makeup remover, particularly around the eyes. This may seem to contradict using it as a primer– how will your makeup stay? Allowing it to absorb and dry before applying the foundation is the secret to using this versatile product.

Another benefit of using argan oil as a makeup remover is that it nourishes the skin as it removes. Furthermore, you’ll be introducing extra nutrients to your eyelashes, promoting growth over time.


If you haven’t been using argan oil as a part of your makeup routine, the time is now. Buying the pure form is well worth the investment, and a small bottle lasts longer than you would think. Try it today, and you’ll notice a change in your skin’s relationship with makeup in a matter of weeks.

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