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Are you dreaming about your next post Coronavirus vacation? So are we! Planning a trip can be calming and therapeutic during uncertain times like these. 

The Islands of the Bahamas is a perfect vacation getaway, especially for people on the East Coast. It’s just a short flight to get there and the locals are warm and welcoming. 

If you planning a future trip to the Bahamas read this helpful guide for 5 common mistakes you’ll want to avoid on your next trip to the Bahamas. 

Mistake #1: Taking a Cruise to the Bahamas

Don’t get us wrong. We love cruises! There are some pretty affordable options for cruises right now, especially to the Bahamas. Flights are not much more expensive either and if you really want to see the islands you should take a flight. 

A cruise ship will only take you to Nassau and Freeport if you’re lucky.  The Bahamas consist of thousands of islands but only a handful get any attention from tourists. New Providence Island is home to Nassau, the capital city of The Bahamas. It’s where you will find the world-famous Atlantis resort. Grand Bahama is widely known for its underwater cave system, a great spot for scuba divers. Many cruise lines own and operate their own private islands and resorts and often they will take you there over some of the main attractions. 

You will also have a limited amount of time that you get to spend in each place. Most cruise ships only spend a day at a port. Can you fit everything you want to do in the Bahamas into a one day trip? Most of your trip, you will be stuck on the boat. That’s okay if you like casinos and okay-ish comedians and terrible food, but if the main purpose of your travel is to see and experience in the Bahamas then you should really book a flight. 

When you book a flight to The Islands of the Bahamas you will be able to plan your time as you want to spend it. You will get to your destination faster and you’ll have the beautiful view of landing over green-blue seas. Travel off the beaten path and avoid cruise ship traffic by booking a flight and visiting the less frequented islands of the Bahamas. 

Mistake #2: Traveling During the Wrong Time

Although the weather is perfect year-round in the Bahamas there are some times when it would be best to avoid traveling there. Traveling to the Bahamas right now is not advisable because of the Coronavirus pandemic but click here to learn when to start planning your post Coronavirus vacation. 

Spring break may seem like the ideal time to take a trip to the Bahamas to escape the snow and enter blues but take a moment and think that one through. The hotel prices will be much higher and wild parties will be inevitable if you travel during this time. If you’re looking for more of a restful, relaxing vacation Spring Break might not be the time to travel. 

Hurricane season is from June 1st until November 30th. This is a time that many travelers avoid traveling to the Caribbean altogether. Storms can pop out of nowhere and the islands of Andros, Abaco, and Grand Bahama are most likely to get hit during hurricane season. Check the progress of storms before you plane your trip to the Bahamas during this time. 

Christmas is the start of the high tourist season. Christmas and New Year’s Eve coincides with the Bahamian street festival Junkanoo is one of the busiest travel times the islands. Many hotels are fully booked. If you’re not interested in traveling during this peak season wait until mid-January to plan your vacation. 

Easter is another peak for travel to the Bahamas. Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday are all National Holidays in the Bahamas and many local shops, restaurants, and bars will be closed. If you want to travel to the Bahamas during this time it might be wise to plan a vacation at a resort. It may be a little difficult to get out and see the culture of the islands with everything shut down. 

Mistake #3: Buying Marijuana or Other Drugs

Let’s start off by making it very clear: marijuana is illegal in many Caribbean countries including the Bahamas. Illicit drugs such as cocaine and ecstasy can get you into serious trouble. Yes, there are pot dealers who frequent the tourist bars and streets in Nassau trying to hawk their goods to unwitting tourists, but think twice before you make a purchase. You may even find that marijuana is a common part of everyday life int the Bahamas because it is everywhere but do not make the mistake of thinking that it is legal. 

Many tourists are arrested for the possession of Marijuana and other illicit drugs while visiting the Bahamas. Some people might say it is a way for the local government to make some extra cash off of the tourists that visit. If you are caught with marijuana or other drugs you could face fines, jail time, and deportation. That can really ruin your vacation so really you should just stay away from the drugs on the island. 

If someone approaches you and offers you a joint or a bag of pot a polite no thank you will suffice. Then, steer the conversation towards a different subject. Bahamians are very friendly and often enjoy interacting with tourists. Keep in mind you are visiting their home and light teasing or joking is considered a form of affection in the Bahamas. 

Mistake #4: Taking a Ride in an Unofficial Taxi

Whether you need to go from the airport to the hotel, or from your hotel to explore you will probably need to take a taxi when visiting the Bahamas. It is a good idea to not take a taxi that appears unlicensed. Yes, it will be more expensive to take a licensed taxi but it will be less of a hassle in the long run in the event that you get caught. 

While we are on the subject of taxis always negotiate the fare before taking the trip. Taxis in the Bahamas are unmetered meaning the price of a trip can fluctuate. Talk to your driver before you take the trip and negotiate a price. 

The most common taxi routes have a set price for the route but it can be difficult finding out that price from your driver. Ask the locals or people at your hotel how much a specific ride should cost before you make the trip to avoid being overcharged. Your hotel can also arrange a licensed taxi to take you wherever you need to go around the island. 

Mistake #5: Expecting American Punctuality 

Relax – you’re on island time when visiting the Bahamas. Life happens at a slower pace here. That’s all just part of the fun. But it can be frustrating for visitors who can’t see past slow waiters or bartenders, or tours that don’t start and end on time.

First, take a deep breath. Rather than finding fault in this, embrace it. You are on a vacation. If you absolutely have to get somewhere by a specific time or eat a specific time book your transport or dinner reservation a little bit earlier. Relax, enjoy the scenery, and go with the flow.

Avoid These Common mistakes When Planning Your Next Vacation

Being stuck at home is no fun. Many of us can’t help to plan our next dream vacation while self-isolating in our homes. If visiting the Bahamas is on your vacation bucket list avoid these 5 mistakes and you’ll have a great vacation. If you enjoyed this article please share it with your friends and browse our recent travel articles. 


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