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Alaska is a state known for its beauty and riches. Many people migrated to Alaska due to one single reason, gold. Many towns in Alaska were settlements established by miners who came from the mainland of United States, such as Nome, Juneau and Fairbanks. When we visit Alaska, its connection with its old mining history is very apparent. The Fairbanks Golden Day is a regularly held event to commemorate the mining legacy of the area. Although massive mining activities are already a thing of the past, we could still find trace of gold in the streams and hills today. In fact, new large deposits of gold and copper are still regularly found in some areas. So, gold prospecting is clearly one of the most interesting things that you can do when you visit Alaska. You may learn to do panning, which is the basic technique for finding trace of gold.

In Alaska, there some places where we can still pan for gold. However, the area should be considered as the recreational facility for gold panning and sluicing. You need to file a claim to perform prospecting in an area inside Alaska. So, in order to avoid legal problems, you will need to contact the Department of Natural Resources and Bureau of Land Management to get information about areas where amateur gold miners can perform panning and sluicing without filing a claim. Before starting this activity, you should get the proper prospecting supplies, which are often available in the local discount stores and mining supply shops. It is important to set your goal and it is not about making a fortune. It is quite likely that the amount of gold that you collect is still worth less than the money you spend on prospecting.

Your aim should be to have an exciting outdoor activity and not to earn money. You need to be thoughtful about the method used to search for gold. Try to avoid doing anything that can have negative impact on the environment and nature. There are a number of recommended places to perform occasional prospecting activities. Bachelor Creek is located north of Fairbanks and it provides you with camping facilities. Nome Creek is also a good place to perform gold prospecting. It contains various campgrounds and outhouses. Pedro Dome is also located relatively near to Fairbanks and it was where Felix Pedro discovered gold in the early 20th century.

Some prospecting areas are available at Dalton Highway and Caribou Creek, but you should be aware that some of them can be quite remote. It means that you need to bring proper equipment and enough outdoor supplies. By having enough preparation, you will be able to get enhanced wilderness experience and you can have more enjoyment in finding gold. However, although you are interested with the gold mining legacy of Alaska, you don’t really feel like doing an outdoor prospecting. If this is your situation, you could still join tours of mining areas and town to learn about the local history.

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