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Japan is an interesting country to visit. It perfectly combines modern lifestyle, which fused with the unique Japanese culture, resulting into a combination that we couldn’t find anywhere else on the planet. However, being a developed country, Japan is known for its expensive living cost. This is an obvious fact that many travellers should be aware of. A stylishly packaged bucket of fruits can be sold at 10,000 yen. Fortunately, travellers will still be able to enjoy a comfortable stay in Japan, without spending a fortune. The first factor to consider when planning to reduce costs is by choosing the most appropriate place to reside.

Hotels can be quite expensive in the middle of large cities, such as Tokyo, Yokohoma, Osaka and Nagoya. It is better to find accommodation options in the suburbs of these large cities. Smaller towns around large cities could actually provide you with closer insights about the life of ordinary Japanese people. However, when choosing an accommodation in these towns, you should make sure that there’s a quick and affordable public transportation to the city and various tourist destinations. You may stay for one or two days in these cheap lodgings, to make sure that you will always be close to your destinations in Japan.

Train in Japan should be relatively affordable and you can have a trip across Japan using different kinds of trains. However, you may also ride small 50cc scooter, which is mobile and economical enough to negotiate narrow lanes that can be found in many Japanese cities. Another significant expenditure in Japan is food and you should be able to reduce this cost substantially by choosing cheapest options in the area. Rice, soya bean products and sea food are usually affordable, so you should consider choosing them as the main ingredients. Of course, you can still choose ramen noodles, which are quite inexpensive.

Low costs food may include bento lunch boxes and teishoku, which could be available for about 1000 yen. If you plan to stay for more than a week for an extended trip to specific area in Japan, it is a good idea to rent an apartment outside the city for relatively low cost. We should be aware that water, gas and electricity can be quite expensive. Telephone service is under the NTT’s network and it’s the country’s primary telecommunication service providers.

Clothing in Japan is usually quite affordable and you may find discount clothing in various stores like Uniqlo. They should be able to provide you good quality clothing at relatively reasonable price. Many people go to used clothing stores and outfits in these stores are acceptable to wear, although you may need to wash it properly at home. Many hair dresser services in Japan are quite expensive, but you should be able to find affordable ones in sub-urban areas. When choosing an apartment, you should make sure that it is already properly furnished, so you don’t need to spend money buying various items.

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