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Where are you going? The world is so big and you can choose any destination you like. How about visiting London or Barcelona? If Europe seams boring to you, go to Mexico, Namibia, or stay in the USA. Your country is also full of surprises. Every new state comes with interesting places, original lifestyle, stunning nature views. Dollar rent a car in Pittsburgh, San Diego, Phoenix, or any other big city all over the country will help you to rent a car for your trip. It is not a problem to rent a car of your favorite brand and get a good price. Car rental app is a must in the list of your trip necessities. But whatever cool and updated car you have, you can get bored of traveling, especially when you are traveling solo.

Now what? The legendary Statue of freedom doesn’t look as glorious as before. Whenever you go and whatever you see, you can’t enjoy the view because you feel totally uninspired. Don’t let your gloomy mood to ruin your trip! It is time to talk about easy steps you can take to drive the clouds away.

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  1. Look at the window

Of course, it sounds a bit weird because it is impossible to drive a car and not to look at the window. You have a chance to enjoy the nature views, city landscapes, and everything that is passing by the window. Traveling solo, you are at the right time and place to enjoy the views out there!

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  1. Listen to music

Music can be your first helper when you are traveling solo. Just download your favorite songs on your smartphone and you will never have problems with entertainment. Do you want to sing? Sing!

  1. Keep a travel diary

You may think that writing a diary takes much time. Traveling people usually don’t have free time. But if you really want to feel a bit happier at the moment, try to write a kind of a travel journal, where you can write about all visited places, memorable events, your feelings. You can take pictures and add them to your diary.

  1. Don’t afraid to talk to locals

Why do you like traveling? As a rule, people go traveling to meet new countries, their traditions, explore new territories. Traveling solo, you may get bored when spend lots of time at one with nature. Try to talk to someone. It would be great if you could meet locals, learn from them, spend interesting time together. Locals can tell you a lot about their city, traditions, currency exchange, and the lifestyle in general. You can go to online clubs and local forums to learn more information about it.

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  1. Attend non-touristic places and events

The first thing you have to do, arriving to a new city, get know about what is going on there at the moment. You can search on Google, use your smartphone and go to the local forums, or ask local people. How about using Facebook? Most of the interesting events are listed there with dates and descriptions. Just find the group and join in. What is more, it’s a good idea to ask locals about where to go and what to see. Of course, the city is full of special so-called touristic places. They are not inspiring. The prices are high and it is difficult to feel the city atmosphere. But if you want to feel like locals, find the list of local events, concerts, exhibitions, street performances and try to book tickets in advance. Also, it would be great to leave the car at the hotel parking and explore the new city by foot. Don’t miss atmospheric cafes, restaurants, and other places you really want to visit.



  1. Buy souvenirs

Does it sound odd? Don’t think of buying souvenirs as of something routine and MUST DO. Make it your good habit. When traveling, you take pictures to remember people, places, share emotions. Try to learn more about the city culture. What is the city famous of? Try to buy a piece of art for home. It can be great to buy a cup, jewelry, clothes, anything for souvenir. If you don’t like useless souvenirs, buy a book you will surely read, or a pair of sleepers you will definitely wear. Enjoy the process!

You can share your stories about when and why did you feel bored while traveling. How could you come out of the situation? Did you go to shop or just visit local cafes? Of course, the situations can be different and it is enough to find a co-traveler to feel comfortable during the trip. The choice is always yours. Remember, you can always find a way and avoid boredom on solo trip!

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