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The Most Exciting Toppings For A Regular Size Pizza

The Best Way to Spice Up A Regular Size Pizza

If you’re a pizza lover, who orders pizza a lot then you might be looking for ways to spice up your pizza with some new, unique toppings, especially if you’re an adventurous eater. Well, we have a list of some of the best toppings you can try to mix up your regular size pizza next time you order. 


This is likely the first item people think of when they want to try something new on their pizza. Anchovies are tiny fish with a very salty flavour that definitely make them an acquired taste for many. But the people who love them can’t get enough of them. If you’ve never tried putting these tiny taste bombs on your pizza, then you should at least give it a shot to see if they are for you.


The debate around whether or not pineapple is an acceptable pizza topic seems like one that will go on forever, with strong opinions on both sides. One cannot reasonably take a stance on this issue without giving it a try, however. For many, this fruity addition to a regular size pizza creates the perfect combination of sweet and savory.


Are you a fan of spicy Indian food? Then why not try putting it on your pizza. There’s nothing quite as exciting as the creamy taste of chicken tikka masala on a pizza. Skip the dipping of our naan in the curry and just put them together! This is definitely a must-try for any curry lovers.

Seafood Pizza

In some parts of the world, putting seafood on pizza is very normal, but it can be quite strange for many pizza eaters. Toppings like calamari, shrimp, fish, oysters, crab, or lobster can really spice up your pizza and give you many new flavour profiles to explore. Definitely worth experimenting with, especially if you live in or are visiting a location near the sea where fresh seafood is plentiful.

Breakfast Pizza

It is commonplace in some restaurants to put a single egg on top of a pizza, but what if you created an entire pizza creation around breakfast foods. Eggs, bacon, sausages, hash browns, and maple syrup can all be very exciting ways to bring your pizza to new levels of tastiness. If you put your breakfast on a regular size pizza, it can be breakfast at any time of the day.

What Will You Try on Your Regular Size Pizza?

Now that we’ve sparked your culinary imagination, it’s time for you to get out there and try some exciting new pizza toppings for yourself. Will you opt to make your regular size pizza sweet with some pineapple, spicy with some curry, or extra salty with some anchovies? Only your own experiments can show you what the ideal combination is for your pizzas.

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